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TeamCity 2021.2.2 Release Notes

Build: 99660
11 January 2022

Usability Problem

TW-69110 — Consider adding "Create project" button to the sidebar
TW-72145 — New black header: Issue with accessibility
TW-74046 — C# script tool help is hardly readable in light console mode


TW-74255 — VCS trigger runs builds on old changes in obsolete branches after the VCS root settings changes and builds cleanup
TW-74526 — Build can start without dependencies sometimes
TW-74287 — Perforce Shelve Trigger's vcsRoot.<ID>.shelvedChangelist parameter is not passed to snapshot dependencies
TW-74176 — TeamCity 2021.2.1 counts parametrized .NET tests as one test
TW-72694 — It is not obvious that the build is running if its end time is not known
TW-74142 — Update .NET SDK 3.1 -&gt; 6 in docker images
TW-73852 — Wrong code coverage for kotlin files
TW-73485 — unknown test name is displayed for the passed tests after the first loading of the page
TW-72225 — Cleanup rules list shows Keep rule branch filter always in lower case
TW-73959 — GraphQL API: make it possible to unassignProjectFromAgentPool recursively
TW-74190 — Versioned settings update process should not rely on low priority executor
TW-74163 — S3 storage Allowed unicode characters break multipart presigned upload
TW-74228 — Builds fail if Perforce server has high latency
TW-74112 — Gradle runner error: Could not find matching constructor for:, File)
TW-74094 — Unexpected error occurred on server when assigning a role to a group
TW-74338 — SQL exception on attempt to execute "optimize table build_type_vcs_change" statement
TW-74386 — CloudImage.getAgentPoolId() returns wrong result

Performance Problem

TW-74032 — Sidebar loads excess fields that overload the server
TW-72395 — Low priority executor pool overflown with BuildTypeBranchesCacheUpdater tasks
TW-74140 — Slow cleanup because of inefficient SQL query in VcsChangeTableCleaner
TW-74302 — Inefficient cleanup of data under the pluginData/kotlinDslData slows down application of the versioned settings
TW-74377 — Not needed locks when loading Test history data
TW-74376 — TeamCity may inter-lock requests for some non-related builds
TW-74281 — Server may occupy all http-nio threads by blocked requests from agents
TW-74050 — Interlocking between UI threads and a thread which is applying changes from the versioned settings


TW-72679 — Health report about deprecating Java 1.8
TW-73685 — Update IntelliJ IDEA versions list available for download in tools
TW-74357 — Remove log4j classes from incremental-compiler.jar
TW-73659 — VCS updater: handle the case when update settings from VCS takes too much time

Security Problem

1 security problem has been fixed.

Last modified: 11 January 2022