TeamCity On-Premises 2022.04 Help

TeamCity 2022.04.1 Release Notes

Build: 108575

1 June 2022


TW-76346 — Include buildId of the scheduled personal build when running Perforce build on shelve via REST API

Usability Problem

TW-75809 — Add link to the parent build it belongs to (Build Page)

TW-76121 — Versioned settings are globally disabled after upgrade to 2022.04 even though there were no changes in XML files

TW-75254 — Commit Status Publisher health report doesn't detect when no VCS roots are defined in a build configuration


TW-74583 — Long "checking for changes" time of VCS root

TW-76189 — Tests error with "The argument /noconsolelogger is invalid" with .NET SDK 6.0.300 (on Windows agents)

TW-76185 — Latest Windows TeamCity docker images missing

TW-76139 — Unable to assign agents or projects to an Agent Pool (Classic UI)

TW-76171 — Error "Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'typeId')" in attempt to open disconnected cloud agent

TW-76316 — JS error on attempt to select a build configuration in "Watched build" section of a schedule trigger

TW-76056 — Changes page. Changes in the VCS root that belongs to parent project are not displayed when changes list is filtered by project.

TW-76255 — Subversion ssl error after update to 2022.04 (when Java 11.0.15 is used)

TW-76304 — Search result wtih builds with no access

TW-76218 — Commit versioned settings fails when the server is switched to native Git

TW-76201 — Build is hanging for a long period of time during the artifacts publishing phase if artifacts size limit is exceeded

TW-76340 — Do not fail a build due to timeout errors

TW-74795 — Agents' pages: the agent being removed in the past disappears from the UI

TW-76100 — Not all of the paths in the unified diff patch in Git format are modified properly before sending the patch to an agent

TW-76097 — Cannot enable Native Git operations

TW-75905 — Information about build statuses for pull request branches isn't displayed in the Azure Commits and Branches tabs

TW-76025 — Parallel tests: wrong tests count is reported in the build status

TW-76207 — Can't close the build log popup

TW-74466 — JDK_*_x64 parameters is reported for aarch64 Java installed on agents

TW-75150 — Queued build status is sent to a commit outside of checkout rules

TW-75734 — Perforce/SVN build does not update changes after building not the latest changelist

TW-74863 — Failed to send artifact upload information to digest consumer: java.lang.NullPointerException

TW-76169 — NullPointerException in ArtifactsCachePublisherImpl.publishFile

TW-64935 — Composite builds artifacts are missing, still present in dependent builds (build configuration for one artifact dependency no longer exists)

TW-76119 — Artifact upload to Backblaze B2's S3-compatible API fails with TeamCity 2022.04

TW-75986 — Display all batches statuses in build log for parallel tests.

TW-75975 — Build log for parallel tests. Inconsistent presentation and behavior if multiple batches are used in the build.

TW-75509 — Can't switch off the option "Show failed" on statistics page

TW-76098 — parameter is not updated in DB for cloud agent types

TW-75841 — Excessive logging for DSL dependencies resolving in teamcity-server.log

TW-74327 — Refresh pull request button does not work for second Pull Request

TW-75961 — Config persisting tasks processing can be stuck if there is a task in preparation state which is never marked as ready

TW-76088 — Gradle plugin cannot be updated without restarting the server.

TW-76030 — parallel tests: tests aren't launched when triggered from a secondary node

TW-75991 — S3 migration tool: copyright should be printed right under an executed command

TW-75987 — Current build is not highlighted when it is selected in Build Log Dependencies Navigation bar.

TW-74382 — No way to view artifacts in archive uploaded using CloudFront

Performance Problem

TW-76305 — TeamCity tries to invoke loading changes even if repository state did not change if Pull Requests build feature is configured and some pull request branches are present

TW-76216 — Query used for assignable projects dialog on a Agent pool -> projects tab is very slow

TW-76167 — Cleanup has been running for 6 days (MySQL 5.7, delete with sub query)

TW-76236 — High memory usage during cleanup because of re-creating pooled groups of build configurations

TW-76204 — Browser hangs when Root project is selected while editing notification rules

TW-76070 — Slow processing of 'repositoryStateChanged' event if it happens for a VCS root instance used in the versioned settings of a large project (with lots of subprojects)

TW-76122 — Endless loop on attempt to create a flow aware index file for a build log

TW-76095 — High memory usage in case of a REST API query filtering resulting properties of many builds

TW-76068 — Slow persisting of newly detected VCS commits for a non DAG VCS repository

TW-76031 — Main node becomes unresponsible after a restart of one of the secondary nodes


TW-76017 — Publish docker images with Windows 2004 base image

TW-75998 — Update the list of downloadable IDEA tool to include latest versions (2022.1)

TW-76052 — Build approval: publish a list of approvers as a system build parameter

TW-75702 — Handle SBuildServerListener::changesLoaded(SBuildQueued) event in Commit Status Publisher

Last modified: 01 June 2022