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TeamCity 2022.04.4 Release Notes

Build: 108763

19 September 2022


TW-75759 — Build approval: support parameter reference for approval rules


TW-77454 — Critical error with parsing build configuration xml file: Error on line 107: Invalid byte 2 of 4-byte UTF-8 sequence

TW-77253 — GZipping content for some static resources may not work correctly

TW-77445 — Allow providing revisions for dependencies when a build chain is triggered with the help of REST API

TW-77184 — Commit Status Publisher spams the same commit 200 times per second filling up memory fast

TW-77471 — IllegalStateException: Duplicate key while processing the build queue

TW-77355 — Show initial error in Teamcity UI, if Restore from backup on server start has failed

TW-76715 — No way to get parameter value "vcsroot.url" without VCS_root_ID if it was inherited from the template without VCS root

TW-77457 — It's not possible to change the main node responsibility on the nodes configuration page if the main node was stopped gracefully

TW-77157 — Parallel tests feature ignores new internal properties

TW-50524 — ERROR: database is not accepting commands to avoid wraparound data loss in database "teamcity_dev" with PostgreSQL

TW-77105 — No way to specify a timeout for build approval feature ("Timeout should be a number" error)

TW-76018 — Git Diagnostic page: improve message for cases when git isn't installed

TW-75757 — Build approval: better handling for the wrong "approval rules"

TW-76467 — VCS Labeling can't overwrite an existing tag using native git

TW-77338 — A delay with the processing of repositoryStateChanged/beforeRepositoryStateUpdate events can lead to new branches not being shown in the UI of this node (multi-node setup)

TW-77134 — SVN+SSH connections on the TeamCity server may generate threads overtime

TW-47685 — LDAP sync can hang for an indefinite time: always "fetching data from LDAP" (network connection hanging case)

TW-76794 — Start/Stop cloud instance is not authorized if started immediately after stopping

TW-77077 — BuildLogClosedException on main node from BuildFailureOnMetricCondition

TW-77104 — Pull Requests build feature logs errors with debug level except for the first time an error is reported for a building type

TW-77082 — Golang feature ignores subtests without "Package."

Performance Problem

TW-77350 — Too much memory occupied by IdOrderedBuildTypeComparator

TW-76238 — High CPU usage if the code cache is filled in

TW-77360 — Cleanup is delayed by a sleep introduced in ExternalBuildArtifacts.getExternalArtifactsInfo


1 security issue has been fixed.

Last modified: 19 September 2022