TeamCity On-Premises 2023.05 Help

Build State

The build state icon appears next to each build under the expanded view of the build configuration on the Projects page.

Build States




build running animation

running successfully

A build is running successfully.

Build successful


A build finished successfully in all specified build configurations.

running and failing.gif

running and failing

A build is failing.

Build failed


A build failed at least in one specified build configuration.

Build cancelled


A build was cancelled.

Canceled/Stopped build

Stopping a running build results in the build status displayed as cancelled. You can stop a running build from the Build Results, Build Configuration Home or using the Stop option from the Actions drop-down menu.

When a build is started, the build process calls the runner process and listens to its output. The stop command kills the runner process, then the build process stops.

Personal Build States





running successfully

A personal build is running successfully.

Personal build successful


A personal build has completed successfully for all specified build configurations.


running and failing

A personal build is running with errors.

Personal build failed


A personal build failed at least in one specified build configuration.

Hanging and Outdated Builds

TeamCity considers a build as hanging when its run time significantly exceeds estimated average run time and the build did not send any messages since the estimation exceeded.

A running build can be marked as Outdated if there is a build which contains more changes but it is already finished.Hanging and outdated builds appear with the icon attentionComment.png. Move the cursor over the icon to view a tooltip that displays additional information about the warning.

Failed to Start Builds

Builds which failed to start, that is which did not get to the point of launching the first build step are marked with the redSign.png icon. It may be caused by a VCS repository being down when the build starts, or the inability to resolve artifact dependencies and so on. Such build status is often an indication of a configuration error and should usually be addressed by a build engineer rather than a developer.
If such an error occurs, TeamCity:

  • doesn't send build failed notification (unless you have subscribed to "the build fails to start" notification)

  • doesn't associate pending changes with this build, that is the changes will remain pending, because they were not actually tested

  • doesn't show such build as the last finished build on the overview page

  • such builds will not affect the build configuration status and the status of developer changes

  • shows a "configuration error" stripe for a build configuration with such a build

Last modified: 16 May 2023