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C# Script

The C# Script runner allows executing a C# script on Windows, Linux, or macOS. It uses a custom TeamCity tool for running a C# Interactive shell across platforms.

With this runner, you can perform various service tasks, such as preparing a build environment, creating an OS user, or reporting to different messengers.

Refer to Configuring Build Steps for a description of common build steps' settings. Refer to Container Wrapper to learn how you can run this step inside a container.


The runner's requirements:

  • .NET runtime 6.0.0 or later must be installed on a build agent, or available in a Docker container if this step is run inside Docker.

  • The TeamCity.csi package must be installed as an agent tool.

C# Script Settings



TeamCity C# script tool

Select a version of the TeamCity C# Script tool from those installed via Administration | Tools, or enter a custom path to this tool, relative to the build checkout directory.

Script type

Choose one of the two options: enter a custom script body right inside the runner or specify a path to a C# script file (.csx).

C# script

Available for the Custom Script type.

Enter a code of a C# script.

C# script file

Available for the Script File type.

Enter a path to the script file, relative to the build checkout directory.

Script parameters

Enter parameters of the script. Parameters are passed as the Args array. View supported arguments.

Parameter references are supported.

NuGet package sources

If you refer to a package from a script, TeamCity will automatically download it from the feed specified in this field. The runner can automatically parse commands like #r "nuget:System.Text.Json" and #r "nuget:System.Text.Json,4.7.2".

By default, TeamCity restores NuGet packages from their sources published on In this field, you can specify paths to other NuGet repositories, and TeamCity will search for packages there, by the order of declaration. If a package source cannot be found in any of the specified repositories, TeamCity will search for it on

To be able to access private repositories, configure NuGet feed credentials.

You can also refer a TeamCity internal feed.

Commands and Arguments Supported in Scripts

Supported commands:





Add a reference to a NuGet package or an assembly and its dependencies.

#r "nuget:<package_name>, 1.2.3" or #r "<library_name>.dll"


Load the specified script file and execute it.

#load "<script_name>.csx"


Display Help on available commands and key bindings.


Set a verbosity level to quiet, normal, or trace.

Supported arguments:

  • arguments provided in the Script parameters field and stored in the Args array (for example, WriteLine(Args[0]) to write the value of the first script parameter);

  • system parameters specified in Build Configuration Settings | Parameters and stored in the Props dictionary (for example, WriteLine(Props["version"]) to write the value of the system.version parameter).

Last modified: 22 August 2023