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TeamCity 2023.05.4 Release Notes

Build: 129421

18 September 2023


TW-83079 — Allow to download build log with message timestamps which contain date in addition to time


TW-82732 — Unable to view change details/diffView for a personal patch uploaded via REST API uploadDiffChanges

TW-74406 — Make SSLInvestigator use proxy settings to check custom certificates

TW-83353 — The incorrect branch is used for re-run for a build finished in a default branch if the default branch was changed

TW-83313 — Running build on agent may hang when agent's is modified during the previous build

TW-80246 — Build results page URL containing the id of a substituted build gives error 404

TW-83407 — All builds stuck with build settings have not been finalized (when Kotlin DSL is broken in a large project with many queued builds)

TW-83497 — Broken DSL data file on disk leads to non-working Kotlin DSL versioned settings of all the projects

TW-83429 — When restoring permissions in docker wrapper, TeamCity does not add a build problem when it fails to fetch 'busybox' image to restore permissions

TW-83437 — Broken layout on the build configuration page with a running build (classical UI)

TW-79205 — Test metadata videos are unavailable due to 'This image failed to load'

TW-83158 — Commit Status Publisher doesn't remove Queued status for personal builds from Bitbucket Cloud

TW-83328 — Inefficient notifications processing for user groups

TW-83354 — TeamCity 2023.05.x does not allow to start a build with a parameter with null value

TW-83334 — Do not fail build when running p4 trust -y -f

Performance Problem

TW-83528 — Avoid running vacuum analyze custom_data_body concurrently

TW-82907 — TeamCity server increase in memory consumption after upgrade, when lots of tests are loaded in memory


2 security problems have been fixed.

Last modified: 18 September 2023