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As an obsolete approach to collect the build script collect information, you can generate an XML file called teamcity-info.xml in the root build directory. When the build finishes, this file will automatically be uploaded as a build artifact and processed by the TeamCity server.

Note that this approach can be discontinued in the future TeamCity versions, so service messages approach is recommended instead. In case service messages do not work for you, let us know the details and describe the case via email.

Modifying Build Status

TeamCity has the ability to change the build status directly from the build script. You can set the status (build failure or success) and change the text of the build status (for example, note the number of failed tests if the test framework is not supported by TeamCity).

XML schema for teamcity-info.xml

It is possible to set the following information for the build:

  • Build number — sets the new number for the finished build. You can reference the TeamCity-provided build number using {build.number}.

  • Build status — changes the build status. Supported values are FAILURE and SUCCESS.

  • Status text — modifies the text of build status. You can replace the TeamCity-provided status text or add a custom part before or after the standard text. Supported action values are "append", "prepend", and "replace".

Example of the teamcity-info.xml file:

<build number="1.0.{build.number}"> <statusInfo status="FAILURE"> <!-- or SUCCESS --> <text action="append"> fitnesse: 45</text> <text action="append"> coverage: 54%</text> </statusInfo> </build>

Reporting Custom Statistics

It is possible to provide custom charts in TeamCity. Your build can provide data for such graphs using teamcity-info.xml file.

Storing Data in teamcity-info.xml

This file should be created by the build in the root directory of the build. You can publish multiple statistics (see the details on the data format below) and create separate charts for each set of values.

The teamcity-info.xml file is to contain the code in the following format (you can combine various data in the teamcity-info.xml file):

<build> <statisticValue key="chart1Key" value="342"/> <statisticValue key="chart2Key" value="53"/> </build>

The key must not be equal to any of predefined keys. The value must be a positive/negative integer of up to 13 digits. Float values with up to 6 decimal places are supported.

The key here relates to the key of the valueType tag used when describing the chart.

Describing custom charts

See Customizing Statistics Charts page for the detailed description.

Last modified: 03 June 2022