TeamCity On-Premises 2023.11 Help

IntelliJ Platform Plugin

This plugin implements the TeamCity integration with IntelliJ Platform-based IDEs, including JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA, RubyMine, PyCharm, PhpStorm/WebStorm, AppCode, and Rider. Remote run / pretested commit functionality is only supported with the VCS integrations bundled with the IDEs by JetBrains. See the plugin's page in the JetBrains marketplace for the list of supported versions.


TeamCity integration provides the following features:

  • Remote Run and Pre-Tested (Delayed) Commit

  • customizing parameters for personal builds

  • Remote Debug

  • possibility to review the code duplicates

  • analyzing the results of remote code inspections

  • monitoring the status of particular projects and build configurations and the status of changes committed to the project code base

  • viewing failed tests and build logs with highlighted stacktraces and current project file names

  • start investigation of a failed build

  • assign investigation of a build configuration problem or failed test form the plugin to another team member

  • viewing build failures, which you are supposed to investigate, and giving up investigation when the problem is fixed

  • applying quick fixes to the results of remote code analysis: the problematic code can be highlighted in the editor and you can work with a complete report of the project inspection results in a tool window

  • downloading and viewing only the new inspection results that appeared since the last build was created

  • work with the results of server-side code duplicates search in the dedicated tool window

  • accessing the server-side code coverage information and visualizing the portions of code covered by unit tests

  • viewing build compilation errors in a separate tab of the build results pane with navigation to source code

  • rerunning failed tests from IntelliJ IDEA plugin using JUnit or TestNG

  • opening the patch from the change details web page (for this feature to work you need to have IDEA X installed)

Installing TeamCity plugin

TeamCity IDE plugin version must correspond to the version of the TeamCity server it connects to. Connections to TeamCity servers with different versions are generally not supported.

Installing the Plugin from the Plugin Repository

The plugin repository has a TeamCity plugin from one of the recently released versions. You can install the plugin from repository (for example, from IntelliJ IDEA Settings > Plugins), then enter the address of your local TeamCity server and let the plugin update itself to the version corresponding to the server.

To install the TeamCity plugin for IntelliJ platform IDE:

  1. In IDE, open the Settings dialog. To do so either press Ctrl+Alt+S or choose File > Settings (Apple > Settings on macOS) from the main menu.

  2. Open Plugins section.

  3. In the Plugins section, search for 'TeamCity' or click Install JetBrains plugin... to view the list of available plugins.

  4. Select the TeamCity Integration, click the Install button.

  5. Restart the IDE.

  6. Use the TeamCity menu to log in to your TeamCity server from the plugin.

  7. Invoke the Update command in the TeamCity menu to install the plugin version matching the server version and restart the IDE.

Installing the Plugin Manually

The plugin for IntelliJ platform can be downloaded from the TeamCity Tools area on the Your Profile page of TeamCity web UI.

To install the TeamCity plugin:

  1. In the top right corner of the TeamCity web UI, click the arrow next to your username, and select Profile.

  2. On the right, locate the IntelliJ Platform Plugin section in the TeamCity Tools area, click the download link, and save the archive.

  3. In IDE, open the Settings dialog. To do so either press Ctrl+Alt+S or choose File > Settings (Apple > Settings on macOS) from the main menu.

  4. Open Plugins section.

  5. In the Plugins section click Install plugin from disk.

  6. In Choose Plugin File dialog select downloaded archive, click the Ok button.

  7. Ensure there's enabled checkbox next to TeamCity Integration in plugins list.

  8. Restart the IDE. All additional information on how to work with the TeamCity plugin is available in IDE Help System.

Configuring IntelliJ IDEA-platform based IDE to Check for Plugin Updates

  1. In IntelliJ IDEA, open Settings | Updates.

  2. Add http://<your_teamcity_server_URL>/update/idea-plugins.xml to the list.

  3. Set "Check for updates" to "Daily".

  4. Click Apply, then Check Now.

Last modified: 28 March 2022