TeamCity 8.0 Help

Build Log

A build log is an enhanced console output of a build. It is represented by a structured list of the events which took place during the build. Generally, it includes entries on TeamCity-performed actions and output of the processes launched during the build. TeamCity captures the processes output and stores it in an internal format that allows for hierarchical display.

The log of a specific build is available for browsing at the Working with Build Results. You can download a full build log in a textual form from the Build Results page using the link Download log

The Tree view is the most capable view provided in the web UI. By default, all messages are displayed. Using the View drop-down, you can view errors separately, or choose Important messages to see the log filtered by "error" and "warning" statuses. You can also use the "Verbose" view level and download a raw build log using the corresponding link.

Build Log Size

It is recommend to keep the build log small and tune build scripts not to print too much into the output. Large build logs are hard to view in the browser and are loading TeamCity infrastructure piping build messages from the agent to the server while the build is running.

It is recommended to print into the output only the messages required to understand the build progress and build failures. The rest of the information should be streamed into a log file and the file should be published as a build artifact. A "good" build log size is megabytes at most.

Last modified: 20 April 2023