TeamCity 8.0 Help

External Changes Viewer

TeamCity supports integration with external changes viewers like Atlassian Fisheye.

To enable external viewer for changes, you should create and configure the < >/config/ file.

These settings should be specified for each VCS root you want to use the external changes viewer for.

Detailed example of the configuration file including description of available formats, variables, and other parameters can be found in file in < >/config directory.

When the configuration file is created, links to the external viewer (External file link) will appear on the following pages:

  • Changes popups on the Projects and project home page, Overview tab and the Change Log tab of the build configuration home page):

    Ext viewer projects
  • the Change details page available on clicking the link when hovering over the changes on the Overview and Change Log tabs for a project and build configurations and on the Changes tab of the build results page :

    Change details
Last modified: 20 April 2023