TeamCity 8.0 Help


When a problem occurs, you have a number of places to look for information after you've found out the problem isn't in setup:

  • Check the Known Issues and Common Problems sections, collect relevant information using the Reporting Issues guidelines.

  • The TeamCity Forum - Search the forum to see if anyone else has experienced your problem. Our forum's user base is quite active and is a good place to find support. If you cannot find any relevant information either in the forums or in tracker and you are not sure whether you faced a bug or it's just a result of misconfiguration, the right way to start is to create a new thread in the forums.

  • TeamCity's Issue Tracker - Browse the issue tracker to see if somebody has already reported on your problem. If the same issue exists, please vote for the issue. If you are sure you have faced a bug, please collect the relevant data about the problem and post a new issue into the tracker. Be sure to include the TeamCity build number, describe where exactly you see the problem, what your previous actions were if relevant and also please describe your environment (OS, Web Server, TeamCity distribution used, how TeamCity is set up, etc.)

  • Contact us to report an issue or ask a question using the general guidelines described.

  • If you own Enterprise TeamCity license and need to submit information that is not meant to be public, you can also contact the development team via Online Form or Feedback email.

Last modified: 20 April 2023