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Viewing Build Agent Details

To view the state and information about an agent click it's name, or navigate to the Agents page, find it in the list of connected, disconnected or authorized agents and click its name. For each connected agent TeamCity provides following details:

  • Agent's status. Build Agent.

  • Agent's name, host name and IP address, port number, operating system, agent's CPU rank and current version number.

  • Information about build currently running on the agent with the link to the Working with Build Results.

  • Options to:

    • Clean Checkout

    • Open Remote Desktop. Available for agents running on the Windows operating system, if RDP client is installed and registered on the agent.

    • Reboot agent machine. Available to users who have "Reboot build agent machines" permissions. See Configuring-Agent-Reboot-Command for additional configuration of the feature.

    • Dump threads on agent.

  • Compatible and incompatible build configurations with the reason of incompatibility.

  • Build runners supported by build agent.

  • Agent parameters including system properties, environment variables and configuration parameters. Refer to the Configuring Build Parameters page for more information on different types of parameters.

Configuring Agent Reboot Command

Agent reboot is performed by executing an OS-specific command. Under certain circumstances the command might need customization specific to the OS environment. If the agent reboot does not work by default, you can add teamcity.agent.reboot.command agent configuration parameter in Build Agent Configuration with the command to execute when reboot is required. Example configuration:

teamcity.agent.reboot.command=sudo shutdown -r 60 or teamcity.agent.reboot.command=shutdown -r -t 60 -c "TeamCity Agent reboot command" -f

Concepts: Build Agent | Run Configuration Policy Installation and Upgrade: Installation

Last modified: 20 April 2023