TeamCity On-Premises 2024.03 Help

Builds Schedule

If you have configured any schedule triggers for the build configurations in the current project, you can see the builds schedule page by clicking Builds Schedule in the project settings sidebar.

You can conveniently view the available schedule and plan your builds, optimizing the allocation of dependent hardware and software resources.

From this page it is possible to edit the triggers.

The following Advanced options are provided:



Show disabled triggers

Includes schedule triggers that were disabled from the Triggers page of the corresponding build configuration.

Show paused build configurations

Includes schedule triggers from build configurations with paused status.

Show only upcoming builds

Includes only scheduled builds that are scheduled to start in the near future.

Hide triggers with 'Trigger only if there are pending changes' option enabled

Excludes triggers with the 'Trigger only if there are pending changes' option enabled.

Last modified: 07 December 2023