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Any modification of the source code which you introduce. If a change has been committed to the version control system, but not yet included in a build, it is considered pending for a certain build configuration.

TeamCity suggests several ways to view changes:

  • The Changes page shows the list of changes made by TeamCity users and how they have affected different builds. By default, your changes are displayed. The page has a users selector enabling you to view changes made by any other TeamCity user the same way you see your own changes.

  • Pending changes are accessible from the Projects page, build configuration page, or the build results page.

Viewing and analyzing changes involves the following possibilities:

  • Observing actual changes that are already included in the build using the Changes link on the Projects page or on the Changes tab of the build results.

  • Observing pending changes in the Pending Changes tab of the Build Configuration Home Page.

  • Viewing the revision of the sources corresponding to each change

  • Ability to modify the change comment in TeamCity available to project administrators by default (changing the comment in the VCS as well is recommended for consistency)

  • Navigating to the related issues in a bug tracking system.

  • Navigating to the source code and viewing differences.

  • Starting an investigation of a failed build, if your changes have caused a build failure.

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Last modified: 11 June 2019