TeamCity Cloud 2020.2 Help

Changing Build Status Manually

A user with appropriate permissions can change the status of a build manually, that is make it either failed or successful.

The corresponding action is available in the Actions menu on the Build Results page.

Marking build as successful

You may want to make build successful to:

  • Change the last successful build anchor when using build failure conditions. If your last build failed because of an incorrect value of a metric and this new value is valid, you may mark this build with a successful anchor.

  • Allow using an incorrectly failed build with good artifacts in Artifact Dependencies.

  • For a running personal build, you can mark the current failures as non-relevant to allow the pretested commit to pass (if the user has permission to do this).

The "Mark as successful" action is not available for builds that failed to start.

Marking build as failed

You may want to mark a build as failed when:

  • The build has some problem which didn't affect the final build status.

  • There is a known problem with the build, and it should be ignored by your QA team.

  • You've mistakenly marked the build as successful manually.


By default, the permission to change the build status is granted to a Project Administrator.

Last modified: 28 February 2021