TeamCity Cloud 2020.2 Help

Favorite Build

To easily access builds you want to monitor, you can mark them as favorite.

Adding Builds to Favorites

To manually add a build to your favorites, use the appropriate option from the Actions menu on the Build Results page. Your favorite build will be marked with a star symbol star_filled.png.

Any of your manually triggered builds and personal builds can be added to your favorites automatically if you enable the corresponding setting in your user profile settings.

You can also add a custom build to favorites by checking the corresponding box.

Viewing Your Favorites

To view your favorites, in the top right corner of the TeamCity web UI, click the arrow next to your username, and select My Favorite Builds.

You can also configure notifications on your favorite builds using the appropriate link on this page.

Configuring Notifications on Your Favorite Builds

When subscribing to notifications, you can limit notifications on the selected watched projects or build configurations to your favorite builds only.

Removing Builds from Favorites

To remove builds from favorites:

  • On the Favorite Builds or Build Results page, click the star symbol star_filled.png.

  • Alternatively, on the Build Results page, use the Remove Builds from favorites option from the Actions menu.

Last modified: 27 February 2021