TeamCity Cloud 2023.11 Help

Build Time Report

The Build Time report provides comparative statistics of the build time taken up by TeamCity projects and build configurations.

To see the report, go to Administration | Project-related Settings | Build Time.

Period Settings

The report displays total build duration for the server allowing you to select the period to be analyzed:

  • last 24 hours

  • last week

  • last month

Grouping and Sorting

You can group the build configuration by project to display the duration of builds for individual projects with the percentage in relation to the parent project. The scope can be further drilled down to the build time of an individual build configuration.

Without grouping the report shows the build time for individual build configurations with the percentage in relation to the total server build time. It is possible to include archived projects in the report.

Clicking the column headers allows sorting the report results.

Last modified: 04 March 2024