TeamCity Cloud 2021.1 Help

Getting Started with TeamCity Cloud

TeamCity is a CI/CD server which key features are a powerful toolset and universality. With our Cloud version, we address the user demand in the full-featured CI/CD solution and make it available to you in a couple of minutes, with no need to maintain a server on-premises.

If you are new to CI/CD or TeamCity, the Cloud is a great starting point as it automatically resolves the task of installing and configuring the server.

When you register a TeamCity Cloud account, your own TeamCity server is automatically created in Amazon Web Services. The server operates on the newest version of TeamCity and currently provides Windows and Linux cloud build agents out of the box (self-hosted agents for Windows, Linux, and macOS are also supported).

1. Learn about CI with TeamCity Cloud

Understand the idea behind continuous integration, learn basic TeamCity concepts and build lifecycle.

2. Start TeamCity

To start TeamCity in cloud, register a Cloud Beta account. In a matter of seconds, your server will be available under the domain.

After the server is ready, an invitation link will be sent to your email. Proceed via this link to get to your administrative account. Everything is ready to build!

3. Run your First Build

Create your first project in TeamCity Cloud and configure and run your first build.

Last modified: 28 April 2021