TeamCity Cloud 2023.11 Help

Guest User Access

TeamCity provides the ability to turn on the guest login allowing anonymous access to the TeamCity UI.

A server administrator can enable guest login on the Administration | Authentication page.

Roles and groups for the guest user can be configured via Guest user settings link available on the Administration | Users page. By default, guest users have the Project Viewer role for all the projects.

When guest user is enabled, any number of guest users can be logged in to TeamCity simultaneously without affecting each other's sessions. Thus, it can be useful for non-committers who just monitor the projects' status on the Projects page.

Guest users do not have any personal settings, such as the Changes page and the Profile section (that is no way to receive notifications).

If guest login is enabled, you can construct a URL to the TeamCity web interface, so that no user login is required. Add the &guest=1 parameter to a usual page URL. The login will be silently attempted on loading the page.

You can use guest login to download artifacts by adding /guestAuth before the URL path. For example:

Last modified: 04 March 2024