TeamCity Cloud 2021.1 Help

Managing Subscription and Resources

The Administration | Subscription & Resources page allows you to manage the TeamCity Cloud subscription, get extra build resources, and view the statistics of expenses. This page is only available to Cloud Account Administrators.

Upgrade Subscription

Under the My Subscription section, you can see how many credits and resources are left in your subscription. By clicking Upgrade subscription, you will be redirected to the JetBrains e-store where you can increase your subscription level if necessary.

Get Extra Credits and Resources

Under the Available Resources section, you can view more detailed information on resources and credits left, and exchange credits for more committer slots, concurrent builds on self-hosted agents, and artifact storage. Read more about on-demand resources in TeamCity Cloud Subscription and Licensing.

Review Statistics of Expenses

This page also lets you track the details of your TeamCity cloud instance:

  • The Committers Report tab shows statistics of active committers, who actively contribute to the source code, and users with a free license, who have authored less than 10 commits during the last 30 days.

  • The Build Credits tab shows all operations with acquiring and spending credits, in a table or chart view.

  • The Storage tab shows trends of used artifact storage and data transfer capacity.

Managing Cloud Account Administrators

System Administrators can assign a user to a Cloud Account Administrator role in Administration | Cloud Account Administrators. Such a user will be granted access to the Subscription & Resources page and will be able to exchange build credits for cloud resources. Roles can be unassigned anytime.

Last modified: 24 April 2021