TeamCity Cloud 2023.11 Help

TeamCity Release Cycle

Release Stages

The default stages of a TeamCity release:

Release Stage


TeamCity Cloud Major Release

This is the first official version where the new features are rolled out to. It is released approximately once in two months as YYYY.MM.

See TeamCity Cloud licensing policy.

TeamCity On-Premises Major Release

A major TeamCity On-Premises version is usually released every 6-7 months. There are multiple minor (bugfix) releases following the major release. Bugfix releases and support patches for critical issues, if applicable, are provided until End of Sale of the release.

Release download page

TeamCity On-Premises End of Sale

Occurs for the previous major version with the release of the next major version. After this time, no bugfix updates or patches are usually provided (except critical issues without a workaround which allow for a relatively simple fix, or make it impossible to upgrade to the next version). Only limited support is provided for a major version after its end of sale.

TeamCity On-Premises End of Support

Occurs with the release of two newer major versions. At this point, we stop providing regular technical support for the On-Premises release.

Last modified: 04 March 2024