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TeamCity Release Notes: Build 115122

Build: 115122

28 June 2022


TW-63941 — Provide a way to work with a single message in build log

TW-71688 — TeamCity proxy: handle artifact uploads

TW-73264 — Triggering in non-default streams/feature branches should be supported in Perforce Shelve Trigger

TW-74984 — Allow specifying multiple artifact storages

TW-75551 — Launch Template as a source of params value instead of separate launch type

TW-76124 — Allow skipping subproject if it has different artifact storage

TW-76271 — Support .NET 7 in C# script runner

TW-76332 — Expose objectId in UI for referencing in DSL/API

TW-76393 — Provide information about TeamCity nodes in REST API

Usability Problem

TW-67066 — Add some more visual feedback when clicking on Run build button in new UI

TW-70479 — Reduce amount of vertical flickering on the build configuration overview page

TW-72786 — Unnecessary grouping element with build configuration name

TW-75106 — S3 migration tool. Provide ability to reuse Force Virtual Host Addressing option value provided in TeamCity S3 storage settings.

TW-75919 — New Changes page UI expands the file list by default

TW-76133 — Under the links of expanded build need to reduce the background width and increase the width of the line

TW-76179 — The progress bar is flickering.


TW-76260 — expanding component automatically collapses back in a moment

TW-72207 — Bad request 400 for Pending changes from branches with slashes (e.g. Pull request)

TW-73635 — Some personal changes are not displayed on Single change page refresh with error "You do not have enough permissions to access VCS modification with id: N"

TW-76475 — Perforce Shelve Trigger does not fire on shelved changelist from the second attached VCS root

TW-71491 — Hide Help menu when Show hints option is invoked.

TW-72424 — Pending changes counter is not displayed in Projects sidebar for build configuration with new failed tests.

TW-72632 — "No enabled compatible agents" pop-up does not disappear automatically

TW-73009 — Build configuration page layout shifts

TW-73164 — Single change page does not mark paused build configurations

TW-73428 — Change on Changes builds tab is not highlighted after being collapsed

TW-73913 — Sidebar incorrectly displays non-archived projects with archived ancestor.

TW-74015 — "Select a build configuration" popup on Single change page may be misplaced

TW-75183 — JS error when executing a batch operation on builds

TW-76011 — Test with name {} -> {} in not parsed correctly

TW-76303 — LinkageError: loader com.intellij.util.lang.PathClassLoader wants to load interface org.xml.sax.EntityResolver

TW-76103 — Sticky "Adding a build to queue" popup in case of errors in Custom Run dialog

TW-76134 — Lines do not change background color on hover in problems tree and tests tree of the expanded build

TW-76151 — Suppress "NUGET_XMLDOC_MODE = skip" in .NET Runner steps

TW-76270 — Project administrators can't add users to accessible user groups from User page but can do it from the Group page

TW-76286 — S3 migration tool. Processing of all projects is interrupted if one of subprojects has s3 artifacts storage with no access configured.

TW-76328 — Experimental UI: Missing hash parameters in href for "Parameters Report" tab

TW-76365 — S3 migation tool. Provide more clear description for property allowing multiple artifact storages.

TW-76376 — Some paths on agent ignore agent configuration file

TW-73996 — No "Nothing found" message for Select a build configuration filter on Single change page

Performance Problem

TW-73444 — High CPU usage on Windows 10: Kotlin DSL generation and compilation

Last modified: 21 November 2022