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TeamCity Release Notes: Build 115573

Build: 115573

3 August 2022


TW-76678 — Add new project selector to all dialogs in the administration area

TW-76649 — Flatten dropdown lists in 'Add build step' Admin UI

TW-76805 — Introduce new permission CHANGE_VCS_USERNAME_IN_PROJECT

TW-75683 — Cloud agent maintenance mode

TW-76756 — Allow login using a restricted access token

TW-75796 — P4 is unable to establish "trust" after a certificate update

TW-76242 — Cloud agent instance page: add "stop" button

TW-70952 — Support refresh token workflow for existing oAuth connections

TW-17122 — Categories/grouping for build runners

TW-24375 — Allow to zip big artifacts (more than 4Gb)

TW-73520 — Add avatars to various places in Classic UI

Usability Problem

TW-75570 — S3 Artifacts Storage: the default expiration time for pre-signed URLs may not be enough in certain cases

TW-73934 — Return the success rate in percentages to its place

TW-75474 — Changes page: provide information about VCS root where the change was commited.

TW-73655 — Add a loader for tabs

TW-69729 — Shared Resource Usages Report should be alpha-sorted

TW-76674 — 'No enabled compatible agents' warning is shown to a user when build is going to be run on an cloud agent defined in project where user doesn't have VIEW_AGENT_CLOUDS permission

TW-76482 — Add a link to running build to the instances popup

TW-76481 — Instances popup can be not very informative as can display the same instances names


TW-75999 — Qodana plugin: build failure conditions should be sorted alphabetically

TW-76880 — Stopping a composite build may stop dependencies which are parts of another running composite build

TW-72638 — Calculate minimal range for statistic charts basing on all branch builds instead of just default branch

TW-77016 — An expanded block with information about the build is collapsed immediately after opening

TW-76258 — Commit Status Publisher may be sending too many requests to GitHub (and possibly other VCS hostings)

TW-76660 — .NET builds with whitespace inside of quotes in the config name fail with error "Only one project can be specified"

TW-62829 — Confusing counter of personal builds in sidebar

TW-76770 — teamcity.commitStatusPublisher.githubContext incorrectly resolves build.number parameter

TW-76997 — Create New project from Projects page - ROOT project is not selected in Project Selector

TW-76604 — Builds are waiting with "no more cloud agents available"/"no fully-running cloud agents" reason, while profile allows more cloud agents

TW-76338 — Duplication of the commit status on GitHub

TW-76682 — Dependencies - Chain view: sort builds in groups when grouping by projects is enabled

TW-76570 — Commit Status Publisher may send excessive status updates for builds in build chains

TW-69564 — Parts of tokens are considered as the issue tracking link on the Tokens page in versioned settings

TW-76753 — Bad alignment on the Changes page in the Classic UI (Author field)

TW-70750 — Investigation history popup hides unexpectedly

TW-76909 — Error "Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'id')" in attemp to open cloud agent page without permission "View project and all parent projects"

TW-76847 — "Something went wrong: TypeError: r.project is undefined" in attempt to open cloud agent page using user with Agent manager role

TW-76737 — Documentation: lack of an example IAM policy with permissions required to use S3+CloudFront

TW-76819 — The "Show Archived"-toggle has disappeared from the search pop-up (the one you bring up by pressing "P")

TW-71942 — Search: AND and "+" do not work between keywords

TW-76527 — Running a .NET builder task on DotNet 6 SDK solution generates a build error "MSBUILD : error MSB1006: Property is not valid."

TW-51519 — Issue fetcher plugins occasionally fail to initialize with net.sf.ehcache.CacheException: issuesCache: Could not create disk store (system\caches\ehcache\issues.index could not deleted)

TW-60198 — "View users" popup should sort by name

TW-76738 — Perforce Shelve trigger skips some new changelists, if there are hundreds of them

TW-76243 — Cloud agent instance page: add clickable cloud image and agent pool labels

TW-76840 — EC2 plugin: accelerate "check connection/fetch properties" by fetching properties in parallel

TW-72501 — Restore builds re-indexing logging in teamcity-server.log

TW-76626 — Commit status is not published when build is started

TW-76478 — REST API request with shelved changelist from excluded stream starts a build in the main stream

TW-76407 — Experimental UI shows one pending change multiple times after filtering by user

TW-76205 — Missing failed tests section on overview of a personal build

TW-76493 — Duplicated .NET test invocations after adding Parallel tests build feature

TW-76652 — teamcity.commitStatusPublisher.githubContext no longer works in TeamCity 2022.4.1

TW-76007 — Perforce Shelve Trigger: Java Heap Space while processing a big changelist

TW-76636 — DSL pre-compilation not working for some plugins

TW-76683 — Perforce mismatched streams after updating sources is interrupted

TW-76409 — Filter changes by Users = "Me" does not work for Pending and built changes in Experimental UI

TW-76689 — Service message requires comparisonFailure

TW-76637 — Warning "No agents satisfy this requirement" for a user without "View cloud images and instances" permission

TW-76034 — .NET parallel tests: with a Test Case filter test could be split unevenly

TW-76643 — A page in the browser is often hanging for a lot of time on attempt to show queued builds

TW-61298 — Missing queued build on Branches tab for build configuration

TW-76687 — Empty build log for some builds due to incorrect offsets recorded into the build log index file

TW-76504 — "The field must not be empty" error when Default version for Lauch Template is selected.

TW-76519 — Custom Image Name field should not be marked as mandatory.

TW-75107 — dotnet nuget push build step is failing due to regression change in latest version of nuget executable

TW-61504 — EC2 support. Reset template version when another launch template is selected in Edit Image dialog,

TW-76408 — Excessive cloud integration logging

TW-76533 — Absent validation for the "custom image name" field.

TW-76490 — Bulk triggering from Perforce Shelve trigger after enabling personal builds

TW-70560 — User may see agents pools to which they do not have access

TW-76465 — Disconnected cloud agents are displayed as idle on Agents Overview page during the update

TW-75182 — Clear selection after a batch operation completes

TW-76448 — Build log 'scroll to top' and 'scroll to bottom' buttons do not work

TW-76532 — Build cannot be stopped (multi-node setup)

Performance Problem

TW-76512 — More than expected CPU usage possibly because of BuildPTRIndexer threads

TW-76517 — CommitStatusPublisherListener.lambda$initModificationsProcessing does not finish within 14 hours

TW-76366 — Slow artifact upload during the build using the publishArtifacts servicemessage

TW-76596 — perforceShelve Trigger checking too aggressively

TW-76571 — Poor performance after changing of an id of a cloud profile if the profile had some agents


TW-74426 — Maintenance mode for AWS EC2 agents

TW-76747 — Add REST endpoints to 'Add build step' controller

TW-76281 — Use incremental compilation for plugins DSL

TW-76790 — Use Remote Artifacts for pushed images in Docker plugin

TW-73669 — Change REST API response text for POST requests with basic auth (CSRF errors)

TW-76844 — Make the env.TEAMCITY_BUILD_PROPERTIES_FILE filename the same for all the builds on the agent

TW-76402 — Introduce VPC selector for the Cloud Image form of EC2 agents

TW-75523 — AWS Connection: Ensure that session credentials will be valid for desired time

TW-76521 — Display customized parameters for launch template in the Images table on EC2 cloud profile page.

TW-75554 — Remove "Availability zone" from the form

TW-75553 — Allow specifying of "EBS Optimized" only for specific instance types

TW-76580 — ImageBuilder: Provide information about how to cache VCS roots

TW-71560 — Add the ability to get the first build, which had all the changes according to a certain locator in a specific build configuration

TW-76488 — Move Jira plugin to Jira Cloud plugin

TW-75942 — Open some DSL classes to make them inheritable

Last modified: 21 November 2022