TeamCity Cloud 2024.07 Help

TeamCity Specific Directories



<TeamCity Home Directory>

This is TeamCity installation directory chosen in Windows installer, used to unpack the TeamCity .zip distribution.

TeamCity Data Directory

This is the directory used by TeamCity to store configuration and system files.

Agent Work Directory

This is the directory on an agent used as default location for build checkout directories.

Agent Home Directory

Build agent installation directory.

Build Checkout Directory

The directory used as "root" one for checking out build sources files.

Build Working Directory

This is the directory set as current for the build process. By default, the <Build Working Directory> is the same as the <build checkout directory>.

<TeamCity web application>

If you have installed TeamCity using the .exe or tar.gz distribution, the path to the directory is <TeamCity Home>/webapps/ROOT, by default.

Last modified: 03 March 2021