TeamCity Cloud 2024.07 Help

Testing Frameworks

TeamCity provides out-of-the-box support for a number of testing frameworks. In order to reduce feedback time on the test failures, TeamCity provides support for on-the-fly tests reporting where possible. On-the-fly tests reporting means that the tests are reported in the TeamCity UI as soon as they are run, not waiting for the build to complete.

Supported Testing Frameworks

TeamCity directly supports the following testing frameworks:

There are also testing frameworks that have embedded support for TeamCity on their side: for example, Gallio and xUnit.

See also external plugins.

You can import test run XML reports of supported formats with XML Report Processing.

Custom Testing Frameworks

If there is no TeamCity support yet for your testing framework, you can report tests progress to TeamCity from the build via service messages or generate one of the supported XML reports in the build.

See notes on integrating with various reporting/metric tools.

Last modified: 02 July 2024