TeamCity Cloud 2022.10 Help

What's New in TeamCity 2022.06

This is a quality-targeted release which focuses on improving performance.

Support for non-default streams/feature branches in Perforce Shelve Trigger

If stream support is enabled in a Perforce VCS Root, the Perforce Shelve Trigger will now automatically detect the target stream from the changed files and trigger the personal build in this stream.

  • Autodetection of the branch works in the run custom build dialog even if the default branch is specified.

  • The same applies to the REST API endpoint. You do not have to specify the stream explicitly there, but can be specified via the desiredStream HTTP parameter.

  • Autodetection also works in the REST API when the desiredBranch parameter is not set in HTTP request.

Fixed issues

See TeamCity Build 115122 release notes.


See the TeamCity roadmap to learn about future updates.

Last modified: 21 November 2022