TeamCity On-Premises 2023.11 Help

Configuring Agent Requirements

By specifying Agent Requirements for build configuration you can control on which agents the configuration will be run.

To add a requirement, go to Build Configuration Settings | Agent Requirements, click Add new requirement, and specify the following options:

Parameter name

Specify the mandatory property or environment variable name.


Choose an appropriate condition for the new requirement. See how conditions work in TeamCity.


Is shown for the conditions which require the value to match against (like "equals"). The value supports parameters resolution, but only the parameters which do not originate from the agents are supported in the field.

To delete a requirement, go to Build Configuration Settings | Agent Requirements and, in the row with the requirement you want to delete, click the dropdown icon Configuring agent requirements dropdown and select Delete.

Note that the Agent Requirements page also displays the list of compatible and incompatible build agents for this build configuration, which is updated each time you modify the list of requirements. Possible reasons why build agent may be incompatible with this build configuration are described separately.

Last modified: 11 December 2023