TeamCity On-Premises 2024.07 Help

Customizing Statistics Charts

To help you track the condition of your projects and individual build configurations over time, TeamCity gathers statistical data across all their history and displays it as visual charts. This page describes how to modify the predefined project-level charts.

Modifying Predefined Project-level Charts

By default, the Statistics tab on the project level shows charts for all build configurations in the current project, which have coverage, duplicates or inspections data. However, you can disable charts of a particular or specify build configurations to be used in the charts.

To modify predefined project level charts, you need to configure the <TeamCity Data Directory>/config/projects/<project_name>/pluginData/plugin-settings.xml file.
In this file, a similar format is used for all types of pre-defined graphs:

Chart Type

XML Tag Name

Code Coverage


Code Duplicates (Java and .NET)


Code Inspections


Disabling Charts of Particular Type on Project Level

To disable charts of particular type for a project, use the following syntax:

<coverage-graph enabled="false">

In this example, all code coverage charts will be removed from the Statistics page.

Showing Charts Only for Specific Build Configurations on Project Level

To show the code coverage chart related only to a particular build configuration, use the following syntax:

<coverage-graph enabled="true"> <build-type id="myConf1"/> <build-type id="myConf2"/> </coverage-graph>

where myConf1 and myConf2 values are build configuration IDs. However, note that build configurations specified should contain code coverage data for the charts to be shown. If the data is available, two charts will be shown (one for each specified build configuration).

Last modified: 12 January 2022