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FTP Upload

The FTP Upload build runner allows deploying files/directories to an FTP server.

The settings common for all runners are described in Configuring Build Steps; this page details the FTP Upload settings.

The fields below support parameter references: any text between percentage signs (%) is considered a reference to a property by TeamCity. To prevent TeamCity from treating the text in the percentage signs as a property reference, use two percentage signs to escape them: for example, if you want to pass %Y%m%d%H%M%S into the build, change it to %%Y%%m%%d%%H%%M%%S.



Deployment Target

Target host

Specify an FTP server (use a hostname or IP address) and a remote directory (relative to the FTP user's home).

To set an absolute *nix path, use %2F as the forward slash. For example:

Secure connection

Choose between an insecure (FTP) and a secure connection (FTPS, FTPES).

Deployment Credentials

Authentication method

Select either Anonymous (will submit username anonymous and a single space character as the password) or username/password (for custom credentials).

FTP modes

FTP Mode

Select the passive or active mode.

Transfer Mode

Optional. Select an FTP transfer mode to force: the ASCII or Binary FTP transfer modes (if the automatically detected mode leads to a broken file transfer).

Deployment Source

Paths to sources

Specify the deployment sources as a newline- or comma-separated list of paths to files/directories.

The field supports Ant-style wildcard patterns (for example, dir/**/*.zip).
You can also specify a target directory to be created using the file => directory pattern (for example, *.zip => winFiles,unix/distro.tgz => linuxFiles will create the winFiles and linuxFiles directories, and respectively put the declared files inside them).

Last modified: 10 November 2021