TeamCity Plugin for IntelliJ Platform 2019.1 Help

Opening Build Logs and Failed Test Results

The TeamCity tool window allows you to examine build logs and view the failed tests list. The build log and a list of failed tests are displayed in a dedicated tab in the TeamCity tool window. The name of this tab is composed of the build number, project name and run configuration name.

To view the build log or a list of failed tests for a build

  1. In the left pane of the Projects tab of the TeamCity tool window, select the desired build.


  2. In the right pane, select a failed test, if any, and on the toolbar, click img

TeamCity adds the dedicated tab to the TeamCity tool window. This tab is similar to the following screen:


In this tab you can do the following:

To mark selected failed tests as fixed

  1. In the Failed tests tab, select the desired failed test(s).

  2. On the toolbar, click img.

Last modified: 27 August 2019

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