TeamCity Plugin for IntelliJ Platform 2019.2 Help

Projects Tab

The left pane of the Projects tab shows the tree view of watched projects with build configuration nodes. In this section you can configure notification rules, take responsibility, run builds, and filter information. The right pane of the Project tab shows specific information for the selected build configuration: its status, the number of failed, successful and ignored tests, as well as the name of the build agent. In this pane, you can terminate a running build, view changes and build logs.

teamcity projects tab

The toolbar icons are described in the table below.


Keyboard shortcut



Open IDE Notifier Settings page of the Web client and configure the list of watched projects and notification rules.

img Shift Alt F10

Run a build, or add it to the queue.

img Ctrl D

Open the Changes Browser with the list of changes that have been submitted, but not yet included in build with the selected build configuration.


Take responsibility of the failed build and make it visible to the team members. This button is disabled for the successful builds.


Waive responsibility for the failed build.

img Ctrl B

For the selected build configuration, open its page in the Web client.

img Ctrl F5

Update information in view.

img Ctrl NumPad

Expand all nodes in view.

img Ctrl NumPad-

Collapse all nodes in view.


When this button is pressed, only failed builds display in view.


When this button is pressed, only watched projects display in view.


Displays the related Help page (this one).

img Ctrl F2

Terminate selected running build.

img Ctrl D

Show all changes introduced since the previous build.

img Ctrl Shift D

Show all changes introduced since the last successful build.


Show build log and test information for the selected build.

img Ctrl B

Open page with the build information in the Web client.

Last modified: 17 March 2020