TeamCity Plugin for IntelliJ Platform Help 2021.2 Help

Performing Pre-Tested Commit

TeamCity provides the pre-tested (delayed) commit option to let you commit your changes automatically if the personal build finishes matching predefined conditions. You can commit changes manually, if you did not enable the pre-tested commit option for a build or if your personal build has failed but you still want to commit these particular changes to the version control.

To perform pre-tested commit

  1. Start Remote run procedure and customize its general options.

  2. To enable pre-tested commit, in the Remote Run dialog box, select the Commit after build(s) finish (pre-tested commit) check box, and then specify the pre-tested commit conditions.

    Remote Run with pre-tested commit

  3. Click Submit to run the build.

  4. If you have selected the Ask for confirmation before commit check box, to commit your changes, click the Commit button in the Confirm Commit dialog that will open.

    Confirm Commit dialog

Last modified: 04 April 2024