TeamCity Plugin for IntelliJ Platform Help 2021.2 Help

Re-Running Failed Tests

TeamCity IntelliJ IDEA Plugin allows you to locally re-run or debug failed tests (the JUnit- and TestNG-based tests are supported). You can re-run or debug failed tests when viewing the results of failed tests in a dedicated tab in the TeamCity tool window.

To rerun or debug failed tests

  1. In the TeamCity tool window, find the desired build with failed tests, and then on the toolbar, click img.

    TeamCity adds a dedicated tab to the TeamCity tool window. This tab is similar to the following screen:

    Rerunning failed tests
  2. In the Failed tests tab, select the failed test(s) to re-run.

  3. On the toolbar, click img or img, respectively, and then choose JUnit or TestNG on the shortcut menu.

Last modified: 04 April 2024