TeamCity Plugin for IntelliJ Platform Help 2021.2 Help

TeamCity Plugin for IntelliJ Platform

TeamCity is a continuous integration server and build management tool that allows development teams to frequently integrate changes to the code base, routinely run distributed builds and tests, check and improve code quality.

With TeamCity plugin for IntelliJ Platform you can:

  • Launch builds on TeamCity server remotely and perform pre-tested (delayed) commit.

  • Review results of remote code inspections.

  • Work with the results of server-side code duplicates search in the dedicated tool window.

  • Access the server-side code coverage information.

  • Monitor the status of particular projects and build configurations, as well the status of changes committed to the project code base.

  • View failed tests and build logs with highlighted stacktraces and current project file names.

  • Start an investigation of a failed build or test, or assign an investigation to a team member.

  • Apply quick fixes to the results of remote code analysis.

  • View build compilation errors in a separate tab of the build results pane with navigation to source code.

  • Re-run failed tests locally from plugin using JUnit or TestNG.

  • Open the patch from the change details web page (for this feature to work you need to have IDEA X installed).

To familiarize yourself with TeamCity's concepts and features, refer to the product documentation. This guide describes how to use the client-side features of TeamCity within your IDE.

Last modified: 04 April 2024