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The MSpec Test Runner is designed specifically to run MSpec tests.

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MSpec Settings



Path to MSpec.exe

A path to mspec.exe file.

.NET Runtime

From the Platform drop-down, select the desired execution mode on a x64 machine. Supported values are: Auto (MSIL) (default), x86 and x64. From the Version drop-down, select the desired .NET Framework version.

Run tests from

Specify the .NET assemblies where the MSpec tests to be run are stored.

Do not run tests from

Specify the .NET assemblies that should excluded from the list of found assemblies to test.

Include specifications

Specify comma- or newline separated list of specifications to be executed.

Exclude specifications

Specify comma- or new line separated list of specifications to be excluded.

Additional commandline parameters

Enter additional commandline parameters for mspec.exe.

Code Coverage

Learn about Configuring .NET Code Coverage.

See also:

Administrator's Guide: Configuring .NET Code Coverage

Last modified: 19 June 2019