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Job Settings

This article explains the settings available in the side panel when you click a Job.


This section allows you to specify the Job order and exchange published files between Jobs.

Tick a checkbox next to the name of a Job that should precede the current Job. The visual graph will reflect this updated Job order.

Specify Job dependencies

If a linked Job publishes any files (see Files Publication), the dependent Job automatically download these files to its own working directory. If you only want to specify the Job execution order, and the dependent Job does not need any files published a linked Job, select the Don't use files option.

Ignore published files

If the currently selected Job needs files from multiple previous Jobs, tick the required checkboxes for all of them.

Files Publication

This section allows you to specify paths to files and folders that should be available for subsequent Jobs. Use the asterisk (*) as a wildcard for all files within the given directory.

For example, the following setting publishes the "<checkout_folder>/logs/build.log" file and the "<checkout_folder>/packages" directory:

File publication rules

All Jobs launched after the currently edited Job can download published files and copy them to these Jobs' checkout directories. See the Create a Multi-Job Pipeline tutorial for the example.

Runs On

A TeamCity agent is a piece of software that listens for the commands from the TeamCity server and starts the actual build processes.

JetBrains-hosted cloud agents are maintained and configured by JetBrains. They are started on-demand when a Job needs to be run and halted after a certain delay when the build queue is empty.

The Runs On selector allows you to choose a type of agent required to run the Steps of this Job. Click the "Available software" link to learn more about different types of JetBrains-hosted agents.


Job integrations are created and set up similarly to Pipeline integrations but are instantly available for the currently edited Job. To allow other Jobs use these integrations, go to these Jobs' Integrations sections and toggle on corresponding items.

Pipeline Integrations
Last modified: 10 March 2023