TeamCity REST API Reference 2024.03 Help

Create, Move, and Delete Build Configurations

This article shows how to create, pause, and delete build configurations via TeamCity REST API.

Create Build Configuration

To create a new build configuration, compose and post a BuildType entity to:



<buildType description="string" id="string" name="string"> <project id="MyProjectID"/> <templates> <buildType id="MyTemplateID"/> </templates> <parameters> <property name="myBuildParameter" value="myValue"/> </parameters> <steps> <step name="myCommandLineStep" type="simpleRunner"> <properties count="4"> <property name="script.content" value="echo 'Hello World!'"/> </properties> </step> </steps> </buildType>
{ "id": "id", "name": "name", "project": { "id": "MyProjectID" }, "templates": { "buildType": [ { "id": "MyTemplateID" } ] }, "parameters": { "property": [ { "name": "myBuildParameter", "value": "myValue" } ] }, "steps": { "step": [ { "name": "myCommandLineStep", "type": "simpleRunner", "properties": { "property": [ { "name": "script.content", "value": "echo 'Hello World!'" } ] } } ] } }

Copy Build Configuration

To copy a build configuration to the same or a different project, compose and post a NewBuildTypeDescription entity to:

  • TargetProjectLocator — a ProjectLocator that specifies which project should own the new copy of a build configuration.

  • Request body — a new NewBuildTypeDescription entity, where:

    • sourceBuildTypeLocator — a BuildTypeLocator that specifies which build configuration should be copied;

    • name, id — String name and ID for the new copy of the build configuration;

    • copyAllAssociatedSettings — set to true.


<newBuildTypeDescription copyAllAssociatedSettings="true" id="Source_Config_ID_Copy1" name="Source_Config_Name_Copy1" sourceBuildTypeLocator="id:Source_Config_ID" />
{ "sourceBuildTypeLocator": "id:Source_Config_ID", "name": "Source_Config_Name_Copy1", "id": "Source_Config_ID_Copy1", "copyAllAssociatedSettings": true }

Move Build Configuration

To remove a build configuration from its original parent project and add it to another project, send a POST request to the following endpoint:


For example, the following request finds a build configuration with the "SourceProject_MyBuildConfig" ID and moves it to "MyProject2":


Delete Build Configuration

To delete a build configuration, send:


where buildConfigurationLocator is a BuildTypeLocator-typed string used to locate the build configuration.

Pause Build Configurations

To get the current status of a build configuration, use:


The server will respond with the text/plain boolean value indicating whether the configuration is paused (true) or not (false). To change the status, put the required value in text/plain format to:

Last modified: 27 March 2024