TeamCity REST API Reference 2024.03 Help

Manage Data Backup

This article lists REST API requests concerning data backup.

Start Backup

In general, the backup process can be initiated by sending a POST request without any payload to this endpoint:


In this example, the backup will use the file and will include configuration, database, and build logs as scopes.

The request accepts the following parameters:

  • fileName: string — backup file name

  • addTimestamp: boolean — append the timestamp to the file name

  • includeConfigs: boolean — include projects/build configurations into backup

  • includeDatabase: boolean — include the database into backup

  • includeBuildLogs: boolean — include the build logs into backup

  • includePersonalChanges: boolean — include the personal changes into backup

  • includeRunningBuilds: boolean — include the builds which are currently running into backup

  • includeSupplimentaryData: boolean - include the supplementary data like external plugins into backup

The backup file will be created in the default backup directory (read more).

Get Current Backup Status

To get the current backup status (idle/running), use:

Last modified: 27 March 2024