TeamCity 2021.1 Help

Manage Tests and Build Problems

This article lists REST API requests concerning tests and build problems.

List build problems

GET http://<TeamCity Server host>:<port>/app/rest/problemOccurrences?locator=build:(BUILD_LOCATOR)

List tests

GET http://<TeamCity Server host>:<port>/app/rest/testOccurrences?locator=<locator dimension>:<value>

Supported locators:

  • build:(<build locator>) — test run in the build.

  • build:(<build locator>),muted:true — failed tests which were muted in the build.

  • currentlyFailing:true,affectedProject:<project_locator> — tests currently failing under the project specified (recursively).

  • currentlyMuted:true,affectedProject:<project_locator> — tests currently muted under the project specified (recursively). See also the project's Muted Problems tab.

  • includePersonal:true- include tests from personal builds.


List all build's tests

GET http://<TeamCity Server host>:<port>/app/rest/testOccurrences?locator=build:<buildLocator>

Get individual test history

GET http://<TeamCity Server host>:<port>/app/rest/testOccurrences?locator=test:<testLocator>

List build's tests which were muted when the build ran

GET http://<TeamCity Server host>:<port>/app/rest/testOccurrences?locator=build:(id:XXX),muted:true

List currently muted tests (muted since the failure)

GET http://<TeamCity Server host>:<port>/app/rest/testOccurrences?locator=build:(id:XXX),currentlyMuted:true

Supported test locators:

  • id:<internal test id> available as a part of the URL on the Test History page

  • name:<full test name>

There is an experimental support for exposing single test invocations / runs:

Get invocations of a test

GET http://<TeamCity Server host>:<port>/app/rest/testOccurrences?locator=build:(id:XXX),test:(id:XXX)&fields=$long,testOccurrence($short,invocations($long))

List all test runs with all the invocations flattened

GET http://<TeamCity Server host>:<port>/app/rest/testOccurrences?locator=build:(id:XXX),test:(id:XXX),expandInvocations:true

Muted Tests and Build Problems

Since TeamCity 2017.2

List all muted tests and build problems

GET http://<TeamCity Server host>:<port>/app/rest/mutes

Unmute a test or build problems

DELETE http://<TeamCity Server host>:<port>1/app/rest/mutes/id:XXXX

Mute a test or build problems

POST http://<TeamCity Server host>:<port>/app/rest/mutes

Use the same XML or JSON as returned by GET.

Example of XML for muting a test:

<mute> <scope><project id="<projectID>"/></scope> <target><tests><test name="<testName>"/></tests></target> <resolution type="whenFixed"/> </mute>
Last modified: 20 February 2021