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TeamCity 2020.1.5 Release Notes

Build: 78938


  • TW-67984 — Corrupted custom data storage produces endless stream of warnings like "storage is corrupted and will be re-created" in the teamcity-server log

  • TW-67648 — TeamCity failed to terminate an AWS instance

  • TW-67692 — Node trigger responsibilities may get stale if node has been unexpectedly terminated

  • TW-67751 — [IDEA Runner] jetbrains/buildServer/agent/ideaRunner/ExternalMakeMessageHandlerAntTaskExtension : Unsupported major.minor version 52.0

  • TW-67799 — Copy-paste typo in TeamCity REST API reference

  • TW-67856 — K8SCloudParamsXmlConverter should support custom profile name

  • TW-67889 — 'Nodes time difference' health report shows wrong time diff between nodes

Performance Problem

  • TW-34572 — Opening Custom Build Dialog hang when the build configuration depends on many other build configurations (fetching builds tags is slow)

  • TW-67481 — Slow processing of VCS trigger with triggering rules if branch disappears for some reason and then appears again

  • TW-67881 — RemoteStatusManager.getFilteredGZippedSummaryByVcsUris can be slow because of inefficient PersonalSupportBatchServiceImpl.checkForParents method


  • TW-67644 — Add an ability to explicitly specify SameSite=None attribute for session cookies

Security Problem

2 security-related issues have been fixed.

Last modified: 27 November 2023