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TeamCity 2020.2.2 Release Notes

Build: 85899
29 January 2021


TW-64315 — New Queue page
TW-62901 — Create agent pool in the new UI
TW-68467 — Allow support for multline values in Secret Tokens
TW-69226 — Add an ability to cancel long-executing tasks on the 'Settings Persist Status' tab of the Diagnostics page
TW-67635 — Support connections in the usage statistics reports
TW-55062 — Show tests in the failed order in build page
TW-66708 — Delete secure token values
TW-33525 — Add the commit date as an attribute to VcsModification
TW-65765 — Edit sidebar: add 'Reset order' button
TW-68964 — Split flake8 inspection messages to several categories
TW-68713 — Split pylint inspection messages to several categories (i.e. by checker)
TW-18233 — Artifact tabs containing HTML should be able to handle links to a directory
TW-61485 — dotnet cli should skip dotnet-core-runtime installations and find dotnet-core-sdk only while searching for dotnet executable

Usability Problem

TW-69767 — Error message when Perforce cannot commit settings to VCS is not clear
TW-68783 — Agent pages: limit the width
TW-66364 — The popup shoul be displayed beneath the chevron in the new header
TW-69730 — Conflicting advice when setting up PR decoration (Azure)
TW-69003 — Add a note near branch specification fields explaining what is a logical branch name and how it can be controlled
TW-69651 — Add a link to documentation to the build steps conditions
TW-69649 — Add description to 'Docker image platform' field in Container Wrapper and Docker build runners
TW-68078 — Edit Configuration should be View Configuration when UI editing is disabled.
TW-67010 — Build overview page: 'Edit Configuration' button jumps left while the page is loaded
TW-68893 — Archived build configurations are shown in Dependencies Chain by default
TW-68767 — Scroll doesn't move to the top of page after switching by pools or pages
TW-67427 — Maximum build artifact file size (global build setting) is exceeded. Errors in build logs always show file size in bytes.
TW-67217 — Versioned Settings UI: confusing warning icon when some secure tokens are missing
TW-69185 — Add Description About How to Show and Hide Sidebar
TW-69052 — Open the Overview page after the first login
TW-69317 — Agent "Build Runners" tab should alpha-sort runners
TW-69394 — Improve TeamCity-readme.txt


TW-69492 — Python is not detected on Linux agent. IllegalStateException: System.getenv("path") must not be null
TW-68809 — Add processing of test absence on the test history page (page 404)
TW-67440 — re-run build not restoring Dependencies used
TW-62246 — Build log is empty for passed tests in experimental UI
TW-69777 — S3 Artifact storage upload intermittent 403 failure
TW-69705 — Re-run build dialogue: failed dependencies isn't re-used by default
TW-69050 — Warning "This node cannot modify configuration files on disk" is displayed on the secondary node after copying a value for a token from another project
TW-69019 — Agent page: support "Show date/time in my timezone" setting
TW-69765 — TeamCity docker events processes may be not terminated
TW-50931 — Don't mark tests as passed when build is cancelled
TW-68432 — Add checksum verification to Windows-based docker images
TW-68919 — NaN build is running, undefined agent is idle is shown in the header during agents update
TW-68213 — $commented magic word search doesn't work for non-pinned builds
TW-68721 — Queued build page. Reasons are endlessly loading in Build Details.
TW-69277 — Unauthorized agents page: redirect to the overview when the last agent was authorized
TW-67073 — New UI: Agent summary screen gets 404 errors when agents deregister
TW-69567 — The header is not shown in Classic UI
TW-67056 — Build configuration overview page is not properly refreshed when the build is removed.
TW-69618 — Commit Status Publisher may cause overflow of the thread pool it uses and of the multi-node task queue as a result
TW-69744 — Cleanup: PriorityClassManagerImpl#savePriorityClasses calls can take too much time when there are a lot of removed build configurations
TW-69719 — catalina.out: many warnings like 'org.apache.catalina.webresources.Cache.getResource Unable to add the resource'
TW-69690 — GitHub authentication: 'You don't belong to the allowed GitHub organization' when the TeamCity OAuth is not approved in organization settings
TW-69572 — 2020.2.1 agent Docker image doesn't upgrade properly against 2020.2.1 server with changes
TW-69697 — Perform schedule trigger invocation after server restart
TW-69462 — Issues tab is absent on build
TW-69570 — Build can consistently take obsolete revision if branch pointer was moved and VCS settings changed
TW-69089 — Reset all button in the Dependencies tab of the custom build dialog doesn't work
TW-69506 — Possible general changes collection slow-down because of retry for git roots
TW-69602 — Error calling method BuildServerListener.buildFinished for listener org.jetbrains.teamcity.docker.serverHealth.ImagePullingWithoutAuthHealthReport$1
TW-67738 — Some versioned settings not applied unless new commit
TW-64907 — Overview / Project: buttons "Add new.." appear, even if UI editing disabled prior to DSL
TW-67149 — Build History page for agents is jumping during scrolling
TW-69423 — Can't check for EC2 options if there's an unknown region
TW-67301 — Agent page. Experimental UI shows enable/disable agent comment with guillemet quotation marks and redundant line break
TW-66496 — Message about lack of permissions divided into several lines on Agents -> Overview (on pools) page
TW-67349 — Information about test results isn't published in Bitbucket 7.5.0
TW-69569 — "Copy to clipboard" action on the Docker tag opens a new tab with docker table
TW-67345 — Excess and wrong statuses can be published on Builds tab in Bitbucket 7.4.1+
TW-40782 — TeamCity doesn't handle non-URL encoded +'s in links inside reports
TW-69400 — dotnet vstest command does not work in docker with error: The Test Logger URI 'console:verbosity=normal' is not valid
TW-69484 — 'Could not deserialize versioned settings status from JSON' error
TW-68703 — A new build configuration created in a non-default branch of versioned settings can break its build chain without reporting any problems
TW-68769 — Queued builds list can be cached and displayed in wrong pool
TW-69468 — Agent fails to checkout when using git 2.30
TW-64656 — The same changes appear in two consecutive builds if a force push occurred
TW-68728 — Queue page: actions button moved down if tags were added for a build
TW-69445 — Notifications build feature: Suggestion of available parameters doesn't work for Send to EMail field
TW-69459 — Build can be mistakenly marked as incomplete in the database if it finished on the secondary node but main node still thinks it is running
TW-69303 — Unable to restart server run from jetbrains/teamcity-server (Windows based)
TW-69442 — A change from dependency is not shown as pending in a branch but is shown in a build in this branch once it starts
TW-69396 — Changes in dependent builds are affected by a build in default branch of some dependency
TW-68666 — Parametrization is limited for new Build Feature - Notifications
TW-65759 — Docker build additional arguments revert to --pull if set blank
TW-57028 — "Project scope" drop down in Investigate/Mute dialog can turn into text without ability to turn it select another project
TW-62658 — Build canceled message is written inside the step section on the third level
TW-67529 — Improve warning message in the server log when Perforce server is down
TW-69184 — VCS root from GitHub OAuth connection sometimes auto-populates credentials password, sometimes doesn't
TW-68367 — Whitespace triggers Kotlin DSL patch generation
TW-69356 — Calling the backup rest api results with an error: Responding with error, status code: 415 (Unsupported Media Type).
TW-69360 — VCS trigger triggers builds in non default branches on old commits
TW-69140 — User without global permission to edit group cannot edit group if it has no roles assigned
TW-69372 — OOME: git integration may consume a lot of memory when collecting changes for submodules
TW-69285 — gp3 EBS volumes cannot be used in AWS Cloud provider plugin spot fleet requests
TW-69244 — Handle situation with non-working links in the custom report tab
TW-68889 — Secondary node: Build Queue priorities are not replicated to the main node.

Performance Problem

TW-69312 — Lots of threads hanging computing tests statistics for a composite running build
TW-69685 — ObsoleteFilesCleaner thread produces a lot of garbage while it processes directories
TW-69604 — Starting with 2019.2 VCS trigger works much slower if build configuration monitors tenths of thousands of branches
TW-67892 — RecentlyFailedTestsCalculator may prevent build from starting
TW-69359 — Inefficient generation of pre-signed URLs in S3 storage plugin
TW-66715 — [S3 Storage] Excessive sockets usage for presigned upload
TW-68835 — New Queue page sends a lot of HTTP requests
TW-69520 — Possible high CPU usage in server side patch transferring code
TW-68754 — The queued builds page is loading slowly when a lot of builds are added to the queue.
TW-69291 — Build configuration history page is slow on first opening or reload (new UI)


TW-69146 — API for counters in queue page sidebar
TW-68436 — Update Kotlin version used in TeamCity DSL projects to 1.4.21
TW-69749 — TeamСity Idea plugin requires IntelliJ 2019.3
TW-69296 — Web-socket support of the create, update and delete agent pool events
TW-69610 — Add more debug logging to Commit Status Publisher
TW-69366 — Update copyright (2020 -> 2021)
TW-69227 — Add some logging about too long-executing persist tasks
TW-67231 — Scalability: review all server configs persisting, add ability to change them from different nodes

Security Problem

11 security problems have been fixed, including:

  • TeamCity IntelliJ Plugin SSRF. A vulnerability that could have potentially exposed credentials of users who sign in to TeamCity from the IntelliJ plugin.

  • TeamCity IntelliJ Plugin DOS. A vulnerability that could have made DoS possible.

  • Risk of potential TeamCity server DoS via server integration.

  • Risk of potential XSS on several pages.

Last modified: 04 April 2024