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TeamCity 2020.2.3 Release Notes

Build: 86002
10 March 2021


TW-66326 — update sbt in sbt plugin
TW-67060 — Create project from URL: allow to specify the default branch
TW-70106 — Allow to disable parameters update from agent completely (make it a plugin's responsibility)
TW-63367 — Agents screen loading state
TW-69809 — Ability to compare builds dependencies
TW-65898 — Agents overview: support tabs provided by plugins (Matrix, Diff and other)
TW-64230 — New tab extending AgentDetailsTab does not show in experimental UI
TW-69793 — Support running tests on assemblies in single test session via "dotnet test a.dll b.dll c.dll"
TW-64198 — Remember the state of "Hide archived projects associated with agent pools" checkbox for the Agents Pool.
TW-69145 — Add counters to Queue page sidebar

Usability Problem

TW-69795 — Wait reason for queued builds is updated with a delay
TW-67986 — Viewing full test stacktrace on build results requires additional clicks/scrolling
TW-69510 — Hide/collapse basic auth login fields for customers using alternative auth mechanisms
TW-68261 — Python runner. Provide some hints about how to specify test/inspect objects for pylint/pytest/flake8
TW-69733 — Show build branch name in personal Slack notifications
TW-63893 — Sakura: don't hide tabs on overview pages
TW-63928 — Branches are not built by default when creating project from Git repository
TW-70156 — Sort context parameters on versioned settings page (alphabetically)
TW-66909 — Agent page: keep selected tab when switching between agents


TW-68790 — New Queue page: estimated finish time and build duration are not displayed
TW-70175 — Cannot globally re-enable Versioned Settings after upgrade
TW-70471 — VCS trigger skips triggering on new pending changes after modification of the VCS root
TW-70442 — Detached interrupted build can remain running on server
TW-70116 — Could not find a test logger with AssemblyQualifiedName, URI or FriendlyName 'logger://teamcity/'. on .NET 5.0.103
TW-70046 — Cancelling build with service message doesn't work for builds with detached steps
TW-69856 — .NET runner ignores Test case filter parameter
TW-70415 — ERROR: out of shared memory
TW-68822 — Problem with NuGet Dependency Trigger - Failed to check for package versions
TW-70280 — Build log on overview displays verbose messages as normal ones
TW-70419 — Incorrect pending changes in a build configuration with checkout rules after VCS root editing
TW-70352 — Build can be marked as failed if it has non branched VCS root (Perforce, SVN) and implicit versioned settings VCS root and is triggered in a logical branch
TW-67869 — External artifacts for composite builds aren't displayed on the secondary node
TW-70193 — expired EC2 cloud instance can be terminated before the build is finished
TW-69979 — Can't see Dependencies of a build in new UI while old shows them just fine
TW-69965 — "Build log messages" block on Build Overview is not being refreshed
TW-68734 — Wrong number of projects displayed in agent pool
TW-70061 — Build configuration or template with ID "<some id>" has the same uuid error after template ID change with versioned settings enabled
TW-70209 — Provide better DSL for TestNG reports in XML report processing build feature
TW-70100 — Lots of projects were not loaded on server start which led to removal of several queued builds
TW-67323 — Provide better DSL for XML report processing build feature
TW-69605 — Empty tests list for personal builds in Experimental UI
TW-18725 — Agent on Mac exposes several JAVA_MAIN_CLASS_XXX environment variables
TW-70076 — Endless loop requests queued and non-queued builds
TW-69962 — Just finished build has been removed by cleanup
TW-69800 — "Unauthorized" section disappears from Agents sidebar when there authorized agents are disconnected.
TW-68919 — NaN build is running, undefined agent is idle is shown in the header during agents update
TW-70034 — New changes may not be attached to a build configuration if the configuration belongs to a project where versioned settings are enabled
TW-69506 — Possible general changes collection slow-down because of retry for git roots
TW-69893 — Builds do not start waiting to lock a single VCS Root instance for a long time, CPU 100%
TW-69878 — Open Agent pool page by default when a new pool is created in Experimental UI.
TW-69614 — Missed Start Page property in Kotlin DSL
TW-67667 — Automatic Update hangs with "Server was stopped to update, but didn't start in 120 seconds, see logs/teamcity-update.log for details."
TW-69716 — Agent pools page in Classic UI should not redirect to the Experimental UI
TW-69891 — Support EdgeHTML 18
TW-68238 — "Show root cause only \ own problems" selector always shown on the build overview page
TW-69906 — Copy build configuration with emoji - "Failed to log action to audit. Incorrect string value"
TW-66626 — Incorrect build and files are displayed in Artifact Dependency Change section in new UI
TW-69898 — TeamCity Updater: use the SSL certificates uploaded to root project
TW-68583 — Python pylint inspection does not report "Fatal errors" as errors
TW-68866 — New Agent Details page: Update Java dialog doesn't open automatically
TW-69611 — Busy agent is shown as idle for user who doesn't have permissions to see the running build details
TW-68880 — Build queue pager shows wrong number of builds and wrong link, if requested page does not exist (too few builds)
TW-69745 — Cleanup: CleanupExtensionsExecutor#fixOldBuildsArtifactsDirectory calls can take a lot of time when there are a lot of builds that were created by old TeamCity

Performance Problem

TW-70407 — Calculating short statistics does not cache results in runtime for new test failures for running builds
TW-70458 — Slow processing of cleanupFinished event if a lot of changes are unloaded from cache at once and there are many thousands of build configurations
TW-70302 — Calculating short statistics for a complex build with failed tests may hang UI for many users in a case of large build history
TW-70311 — Additional copy files operation can slowdown freeze of queued builds settings
TW-70235 — Slow working CommittedBuildsUpdater thread can accumulate a lot of running builds in its queue
TW-70123 — Inefficient processing of builds deletion from builds metadata index
TW-70121 — Endless loop in EMailNotificator.sendToAddress in case of enabled debug logging
TW-70098 — Lots of build problems reported for some build on a secondary node can greatly reduce build queue processing time on the main server
TW-70077 — Suboptimal import of tables during projects import
TW-69992 — BuildQueueCountersByPoolNotificator constantly consumes CPU
TW-68148 — NotificationProcessor threads can occupy significant amount of CPU while they compute build committers
TW-69815 — BuildPromotionImpl.isIncomplete() invoked on a personal build which was interrupted because agent its disconnected can cause major slowdown


TW-69775 — Publish enum values for the REST API models
TW-70336 — Update docker-compose and docker version in official agent Docker images
TW-69980 — Change the link to Feedback page in TeamCity UI
TW-70182 — Immediately show build triggered by me if there's only 1 (few) queued builds
TW-69857 — Migrate to the new YouTrack REST endpoints
TW-69340 — Support agent pool WS messages on agents pages


TW-68591 — Python script with non-ASCII symbols in name. Bad encoding in build log in case there are syntax errors.
TW-69326 — Inconsistent capitalization in Python build step

Security Problem

12 security problems have been fixed.

Last modified: 10 March 2021