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TeamCity 2020.2 Release Notes

Build: 85487
23 November 2020


TW-68453 — Git remote operations retries with exponential backoff
TW-65724 — Authentication via supported OAuth providers (GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab)
TW-48674 — Add an option to mark test successful if it run multiple times in a build and at least one test run is successful
TW-67656 — Dependencies Timeline: show queued builds
TW-25141 — Full out-of-the-box Python support
TW-54787 — Detect wrong insecure TeamCity Tomcat connector configuration (missing secure="true" scheme="https" attributes) and warn the administrators
TW-68512 — Add an ability to add DockerHub credentials to the all configurations in the project
TW-61653 — Agent page (agent is selected in sidebar) - Overview tab
TW-62152 — Dependencies tab is empty for the builds that participate in build chains but do not have own dependencies.
TW-68399 — Add "Run parameters have been changed" to Expanded Build and Build Page
TW-64632 — Allow to edit projects settings on secondary nodes
TW-63950 — Show build dependants in new UI
TW-65747 — Allow viewing DSL (download settings in Kotlin format) on secondary nodes
TW-66957 — Test History page in the new UI
TW-64314 — New header
TW-68469 — Add support for plugins in Sakura UI
TW-67562 — Header: Remove the "My Settings & Tools" menu item prior to use a Profile link
TW-33101 — Support P4 Trust on perforce VCS roots
TW-66159 — Implement full log text search in new UI
TW-68753 — Allow to detach build from agent and finish it outside teamcity
TW-68514 — Add an ability to track unauthenticated pulls from DockerHub and show corresponding warning in the build log
TW-65864 — Add filtering by Source Branch in Pull Request Build Feature
TW-67907 — Allow to change the part of fetch URL for submodule during checkout
TW-57468 — Add support for Bitbucket cloud pull requests
TW-68503 — BitBucket authentication: allow to specify the list of allowed workspaces
TW-67735 — Plugins engine: update plugins on plugin context change
TW-60732 — Support execution timeout for composite builds
TW-66788 — TeamCity::Cucumber::Formatter does not work for Cucumber 4.x
TW-67658 — REST API: Add estimated finish time or duration for queued builds
TW-66009 — Provide investigation history for the build configurations.
TW-68010 — Tests list: add some indication that only 100 visible tests are selected
TW-5050 — Customizable server cleanup schedule
TW-67504 — Excessive plugin list request (__ALL__)
TW-65983 — Consecutive images in Overview and Tests are not available in Experimental UI
TW-46982 — Allow to filter Disk Usage report per artifacts storage location
TW-67298 — It is necessary to develop a controller that will return the list of projects and build configurations where the test was run
TW-67507 — Add SAKURA_* prefixed PlaceID
TW-67144 — Reimplement federation editing in React
TW-59142 — Replace polymer component with react-based component in projects popup
TW-64790 — Generate time-limited user access tokens
TW-67412 — External storages support in Disk Usage monitor
TW-20647 — Add the ability to add VCS label after a build via REST API
TW-40777 — Using Github OAuth to login users in TC
TW-64608 — Add an ability to display custom icons from custom TC plugins on the new header
TW-67373 — Add an ability to sort the list of tests by the date of the build start. (in REST)
TW-67006 — Allow to limit the number of artifacts to be published by a single build
TW-67374 — Add counters (success, failed, ignored, muted) for the list of tests. (in REST)
TW-66920 — Support new extended build status reporting for Bitbucket Server
TW-44731 — Filter out pull requests that are returned by github in case there is no issue with corresponding id
TW-64586 — Allow to predefine a set of parameters existing on cloud agent in cloud image
TW-64380 — Design expandable elements of the new header
TW-64623 — Add possibility to jump to certain tab in Edit mode for projects

Usability Problem

TW-68209 — Clarify that token can be used instead of password on the new VCS root page
TW-68649 — Automatically add projects\build configurations to user's favourites in the experimental UI
TW-5695 — Visually identify custom builds in the build lists
TW-68143 — Display the whole hierarchy to the build configuration/project in the new selector.
TW-64073 — Redirect to parent pool after removing a disconnected agent
TW-63067 — Add browser tab title for agent page in new UI
TW-68680 — Build log improving with forced docker login feature
TW-67772 — The running test Agent is not displayed in the table on the Test History page in the Experimental UI.
TW-68573 — Possibly confusing "New Subproject" button in the new UI
TW-68600 — Test History page. Rename Download button and provide a Help link on Success Rate.
TW-67270 — Add buttons "Create project..." and "Configure sidebar..." to Favorite Projects page
TW-68730 — Provide a title in the browser tab for a Build Queue page in the Experimental UI.
TW-68578 — Provide Copy action for hostname on the Agent summary.
TW-68526 — Add a note in Pull Request plugin dialogue about using of SSH fetch URL
TW-68560 — Python runner. "Teamcity-messages" help link is opened in the same browser window
TW-68599 — Test History page. Provide correct title for the page in the browser tab.
TW-68288 — Test History page. Build numbers are missing on Success Rate chart (test details popup).
TW-68611 — All agent related pages. Provide correct title for the page in the browser tab.
TW-66595 — Default build file for Gradle runner should be empty
TW-68505 — Dependencies Timeline: truncated build configuration names are displayed for some builds from queue
TW-68498 — Don't advise users to increase the limit on number of artifacts published
TW-67269 — More button is unnecessary on the Agent summary tab.
TW-68419 — Unit Testing DSL: Confusing Maven scopes
TW-64247 — Human created build problem UI
TW-66964 — Confusing error messages are displayed when incorrect values are entered in the fields in advanced clean-up settings.
TW-68163 — Confusing "No agents satisfy this requirement" warning if there are no connected agents but there are compatible cloud agents
TW-55699 — Improve "No enabled compatible agents" warning to link to the mentioned actions
TW-67740 — TeamCity Server shows No Available Agents when there are cloud agents available.
TW-62687 — New UI: Unused space on the right
TW-68001 — Button "Select all" for tests on the Build Overview page is confusing
TW-63242 — Let's replace most common part of the strings instead of last part in test metadata keys
TW-67924 — It is not possible to determine when exactly the build was triggered in the new UI
TW-66046 — Can't see how many tests failed in snapshot dependencies
TW-64984 — Add an option to expand all collapsible sub-projects block on the favorites project overview page
TW-67753 — Display only projects where chosen artifact storage was configured in the Disk Usage tab
TW-67778 — Build configuration compatibility tab quickly becomes unusable in case when there are many incompatible cloud agents
TW-67228 — Clear Add Server field after the server is added to the servers federation.
TW-67449 — GitHub Authentication: GitHub organizations field is not convenient for specifying a list of organizations
TW-67255 — Add information about necessary permissions for JetBrains Space connection and JetBrains Space publisher
TW-65420 — Queued builds on Build Configuration / Project page: "show more" button
TW-52553 — Unclear reason for missing "Common Failure Conditions"
TW-66921 — Unclear logging in teamcity-server.log


TW-46954 — Do not show GitHub issue trackers suggestion if issues are disabled in GitHub project
TW-67934 — The option "Show all personal builds" does not affect the result of the test runs list request
TW-68091 — Kotlin DSL: reference to v2017_2 in v2019_2 package
TW-67381 — Change of behavior: Cron expressions starting with slash are no longer supported in the Schedule Trigger
TW-20686 — NUnit Runner fails build if assembly spec does not match any assemblies
TW-66074 — Docker runner: support Dockerfile outside the Context folder
TW-66327 — New header in the experimental UI doesn't consider a possible global health errors\reports
TW-68075 — Statistics chart: Project graph in statistics tab of a project has cut Y-axis for "Time (ms)" data format
TW-32313 — Search throws exceptions
TW-68346 — Python runner. Pylint/flake8 inspection does not show messages with type = "Error" as errors
TW-59956 — LDAP: Failed to create TeamCity user for remote entry if cn has emoji
TW-66227 — "Phantom" Cancel button for a queued build in the Experimental UI.
TW-64801 — IDEA often freezes for a minute because StatusComponent loads summary in EDT
TW-66109 — SecurityException while releasing maven embedder session on a secondary node
TW-68863 — Change the default value for access token time limit
TW-68628 — New Agent Details page: no warning about agent running under unsupported java version
TW-68189 — VCS Polling node can fail to connect to auth-based repository after enabling "Store secure values outside VCS" along a custom encryption key
TW-67273 — Display the details when Agent was disabled and/or unauthorized in the Agents page in Experimental UI.
TW-68848 — Relaunched dependent builds are shown only in the classic UI
TW-68656 — User actions are still available on the secondary node when "Processing of users data modification requests" responsibility is disabled.
TW-68710 — NPE in search plugin
TW-62129 — Do not show Dependencies and Tests tabs if a build configuration doesn't have dependencies\tests
TW-68690 — Add validation for required fields in Python runner
TW-68765 — Build queue pager is reset to the first page when the Queued Builds page is refreshed.
TW-68606 — It's possible to start more detached builds than agent licenses available on a server
TW-68443 — Build log search: incorrect highlighting of search results for long messages when soft-wrap is enabled.
TW-57123 — Enforce TLS 1.2 in email notifier.
TW-60322 — "This is the secondary node" warning is duplicated inside tabs in Sakura UI
TW-68142 — Failure conditions disappear from the UI when there is an invalid value at least in one parameter
TW-68688 — Fix the default value for "Environment name" in Python runner
TW-68465 — Slack Notifier: make the plugin use SSL certificates uploaded to root project.
TW-67703 — System Administrator can assign a Super user role to any user
TW-68625 — Agents sidebar: disconnected icon doesn't disappear once agent re-connects to the server
TW-68177 — Change (make it configurable) goal for installing info-maven3-plugin
TW-68751 — Unexpected error on trying to create a Shared Resource for the project on the secondary node.
TW-67497 — Username displayed in the new header is cached
TW-68559 — Misplaced experimental UI icon on an empty fresh server
TW-68645 — Agent pool selector is missing in agent authorization dialog
TW-68650 — Align the Autorize agent button in the experiment UI
TW-68744 — Unable to open cloud agent page
TW-68637 — PublishNuGetPackage build log. PackagePublishException is shown with misprint "publush" and full stack trace
TW-68654 — Add logging of incorrect root URL on the secondary node
TW-67080 — Error in the jsp file: [/WEB-INF/tags/buildDataPlugins.tag] "UI_BUILD cannot be resolved or is not a field" during stating of TC
TW-64280 — Search by keyword in build log works weirdly
TW-68691 — Impossible to connect to the TeamCity server from Eclipse and IDEA
TW-65174 — Warnings about duplicate build finished tasks
TW-68333 — Python runner. "Test reporting" parameter is absent in Kotlin DSL versioned settings
TW-68598 — Build History page and the Project page show different statuses for detached builds
TW-68699 — Python: rename "Arguments" command to "Custom"
TW-68528 — Bitbucket Pull requests: Clarify minimal required scopes for app password
TW-68659 — Unexpected error when mandatory name is not provided for Access Token.
TW-68617 — User without "View project" permission is not able to connect oauth account to TeamCity profile
TW-68602 — Unable to finish a detached build if "processing data produced by running builds" responsibility is on for a second node
TW-68130 — Python runner does not Auto-detect build steps
TW-63083 — Improve indexing performance for NuGet packages published with service messages
TW-68627 — Agent details page: missing warning about outdated agent version
TW-68289 — canceling build via REST always re-adds build to queue (with build credentials)
TW-67879 — WARN " cannot delete directory temp\tc_maven_repo" in teamcity-server.log on a secondary node
TW-68316 — Test History Page. Replace the status "Fixed" with "Failed" in the test history list
TW-68552 — "Execution of the command line "chmod" is prohibited by TeamCity node restrictions" on a secondary node
TW-66979 — Support agentTypeId in rest cloud image entity
TW-67802 — Provide ability to download success rate data from Test History page in Experimental UI.
TW-68601 — Test History page. Hide Success rate popup when the page is scrolled.
TW-68307 — Round the Average values displayed on the Sucess Rate chart for the Test History.
TW-68582 — GitLab Authentication: Email address is not retrieved during account creation
TW-68577 — Unexpected Error during attempt to connect user profile to external account if corresponding connection is not configured
TW-68413 — A build might not be reused if triggered by a per-checkin VCS trigger
TW-68506 — Dependencies Timeline: one queued build configuration can take a few lines if there is not enough place on the screen
TW-68610 — Detached builds don't survive server restart
TW-52489 — Test history page layout
TW-68313 — Test History page. Success Rate chart may be currupted when visiblility area is moved left on the upper chart.
TW-68386 — Make it clear in a build log that a build was detached from an agent
TW-67798 — A separate string is created for each test run within the same build on the Test History in Experimental UI.
TW-68415 — Cancelled builds are shown as Failed in the Dependency -> Timeline tab
TW-66742 — Agents sidebar doesn't focus on "left" key if the agent page or cloud image page is focused
TW-68133 — Python runner can not execute script with Russian/German name (encoding problems on a Windows agent)
TW-59244 — Agent summary: no result of 'Dump threads on agent' action
TW-68530 — Build log is unavailable after Build Configuration rename
TW-68206 — Exclude maven installation of info-maven3-plugin
TW-67966 — Allow to specify (and respect) TargetCapacity for SpotFleetRequests in EC2 plugin
TW-67401 — Error for failure authentication via GitHub isn't displayed for the current user
TW-60536 — '/repository/downloadAll' requests should support big zip archives (more than 4Gb)
TW-68442 — Root project in the list of build runners
TW-68500 — Update dotnet to 3.1.403 in docker images
TW-68497 — DSL support for Bitbucket cloud pull requests
TW-68348 — Add the ability to receive tests, grouped by name and not grouped.
TW-67954 — Investigation description doesn't always fit in the test pop-up (firefox, safari)
TW-68154 — Make deprecation warning in old .NET runners consistent with warning in Python plugin
TW-67927 — TeamCity may show problem investigation for non-related project
TW-66375 — "Assign investigation" action is shown for builds without problems
TW-65328 — Add headers to obsoleted .NET runners
TW-67681 — The so called "first revision" is used when the last change which affected the configuration was quite old
TW-68258 — Do not show "Build agent was disconnected" warning for detached builds
TW-66978 — Inconsistent "MSBuild version" naming in .NET runner
TW-59328 — Parasitic changes in project config on editing VMWare cloud profile
TW-68099 — Unit Testing Kotlin DSL in projects where Context Parameters are used is not possible
TW-68072 — Using Context Parameters with Versioned Settings prevents project from being deleted
TW-60949 — "CreateProcess error=2" in a build log when agent cannot find dotnet cli by the specified path
TW-64835 — dotnet.exe commands not encoding properly
TW-68195 — Build Distributor doesn't start additional cloud instances if there's at least one starting instance
TW-67880 — Automatic merge will not work if there are failed tests in snapshot dependencies
TW-67776 — [Classic UI] Direct links to test failures do not expand test but show build overview page
TW-68284 — The mute action always called "Mute tests" even for build problems
TW-68332 — EC2 Cloud Profile cannot use IAM role provided by STS
TW-67820 — Provide ability to show personal builds and view average duration on the Success Rate chart for the Test History in Experimental UI.
TW-68241 — TeamCity does not mute test failure with successful test run when it should (server restart while build case)
TW-68306 — Lots of unclear logging: SQL time request is performed in ..
TW-68090 — Investigation history is empty, although an investigation has been assigned
TW-68262 — Agent Requirement hints don't work when there are only cloud agents and all agents are stopped
TW-65492 — Do not hide the title when Investigations History dialog is scrolled.
TW-68266 — Project overview: project availability response doesn't get cleared after navigation to another project
TW-68157 — First branch revision is not properly initialized for build configurations generated by DSL if they have checkout rules with duplicate lines
TW-64617 — Metadata item names are missing in new UI
TW-67953 — WARN "DockerAgentDescriptionPreprocessor prevented removal of parameters" in teamcity-server.log
TW-67949 — Agentless builds don't work with a secondary node
TW-68111 — git agent-side checkout should report when can't get uploaded key on agent
TW-60976 — Creating a project from a git repository URL fails if the repository has no master branch
TW-67929 — Review XML configs for Python plugin
TW-67800 — Endless Loader is displayed on the Test History page when the test does not have history in some branch.
TW-67786 — Muted section is missing for muted test in the Test History in Experimental UI.
TW-68190 — User with the "Use experimental UI" option is redirected to the overview page in classic UI after login using GitHub/Bitbucket
TW-68076 — Schedule trigger with daily policy may work twice in case of multi-node setup
TW-68213 — $commented magic word search doesn't work for non-pinned builds
TW-68049 — Artifacts of a composite build are not cleaned if the build is a dependency itself
TW-68014 — Project pool is displayed instead of not existing pool on the build page.
TW-67763 — Direct URLs do not open Test History page in the Experimental UI.
TW-65970 — Investigation icon can be partly hidden on the build overview page.
TW-68012 — Canceled builds (except current) aren't displayed in the builds switcher chart
TW-67972 — "You do not have enough permissions to modify VCS change" error for a system administrator
TW-66999 — Sakura. Build results -> Tests. Muted test icon has no tooltip for red builds
TW-68066 — Confusing error message when creating a project from a GitHub repository with a wrong username/password
TW-68113 — Broken link to the Agent pool on the build page when server context is used.
TW-63682 — Under the new UI for teamcity, how do you open a failing test in the ide
TW-67785 — "Ignored" status is missing in the filter on Test History in the Experimental UI.
TW-65172 — Broken links in Build detail->Overview, Triggered <when> by <build link>, when server context is configured
TW-67767 — Long user's name is truncated in the Assigned Investigation popup in the Experimental UI.
TW-64852 — Broken links Build detail->Dependencies->Timeline/List, when server context is configured
TW-64412 — Correct the pool name presentation on the build overview page in the Experimental UI.
TW-67379 — In some cases there may be several investigations and mutes
TW-63375 — Multiple errors on the build overview page when the build is ran in branch with some special symbols in the branch name.
TW-62799 — There are no initiator of mute, date and comment for muted tests
TW-66744 — Information about investigations: fields "Assigned by" and "Done by" are named as "unassigned by" in experimental UI
TW-66748 — Excess hints for investigation and fixed icons in experimental UI
TW-68102 — TeamCity server does not resolve a parameter value in the requirement added by a runner
TW-67742 — Redundant escaping in test image metadata
TW-67563 — Slashes are URL encoded in path to test metadata
TW-68044 — Impossible to change build status with a service message when build reports "failure" at the end due to improper error reporting from NUnit runner
TW-67339 — Add mute details for the test to REST
TW-66960 — Canceled build is shown as a red bar in the builds switcher chart
TW-67779 — Muted tests are counted twice on the Test History page in the Experimental UI.
TW-67226 — Error 404 while loading cross-server projects popup if the the server is added to federation with "/" in URL.
TW-66963 — Agent page: place missing agent data
TW-67739 — Nonexistent artifact is displayed sometimes in the build data popup on the Disk Usage tab
TW-60369 — Projects are moving when scrolling the projects sidebar
TW-67761 — Deleted with project external artifact storage is deleted form list in Disk usage only after server restart
TW-67756 — All artifact storages and total sizes for all projects are displayed for user with limited administration rights
TW-67821 — Compatible agents of cloud profile are displayed as incompatible in the Compatible agents tab
TW-67809 — Lots of S3Util$InvalidSettingsException exceptions in the server log for running builds from a non existing project
TW-67752 — Unknown scheduling policy for incorrect cron expressions in the Schedule Trigger after upgrade.
TW-67274 — Enable/Disable Agent popup. Selecting some value in Disable automatically field closes the dialog.
TW-67466 — No possibility to get test runs for personal builds
TW-67762 — Information about archived configurations size isn't updated after changing artifact storage in Disk Usage
TW-67564 — S3 storage: image artifacts are downloaded instead of being displayed by browser
TW-67736 — switching from mirrors to mirrors with alternates: url.insteadOf sections remain pointing to repo in system/git/ instead of remote
TW-64901 — Prevent or warn about checkout rules created in UI that exceed the 2000 character limit
TW-40286 — Confusing message in the server log: The checkout rules in build configuration "..." is too long
TW-67698 — Custom script block overlaps parameters autocomplete
TW-67290 — Strange and flaky behavior of the REST API
TW-67620 — Reloading Commit Status Publisher plugin without restarting the server causes BeanCreationException
TW-67227 — Empty string can be added to the Cross-Server Projects Popup list.
TW-67556 — Docker linux-based images improvements (layers and build optimization, commands and code style)
TW-67498 — Hash and search aren't cleared during navigation in new UI
TW-67436 — Number of user investigations is not properly refreshed if build problem was fixed.
TW-67175 — Composite build with execution timeout is shown as canceled if "On failed to start/canceled dependency= cancel build" is set for dependency
TW-67179 — Composite build with execution timeout. Inconsistent build log with "On failed to start/canceled dependency: run build, do not add problem"
TW-67523 — Swagger generation crash on 2020.2 EAP
TW-67439 — GitHub authentication: login doesn't work when user is already logged in via another authentication module
TW-67537 — Stages with zero execution time can cause incorrect perfmon legend
TW-67483 — Incorrect git clean argument for multiple VCS roots
TW-64914 — After Daylight Savings Time starts/ends, a server restart can end up with the server in maintenance mode in some instances
TW-67468 — Failed to log action to audit: This node is not allowed to execute SQL query
TW-67453 — Disk Space Watcher can get stuck if the order of the artifact directories is changed while the threshold is met.
TW-67371 — ReadOnlyException: Writing to file "...\pluginData\tools\" is prohibited by TeamCity node restrictions
TW-66861 — New header is unavailable on not experimental tabs (Changes, Queue, Administration)
TW-67455 — Validation errors during importing build configuration settings file with Space Commit Status Publisher without optional fields
TW-67320 — Make Display name field on JetBrains Space settings of Commit Status Publisher build feature optional
TW-67319 — Project Key field in JetBrains Space settings of Commit Status Publisher may be either optional or fully unnecessary
TW-67318 — Remove support for JetBrains Space service credentials authentication type in Commit Status Publisher build feature
TW-67260 — Change displayed field names for Space connection
TW-67400 — Authentication via GitHub and Bitbucket doesn't work with Callback URL described in Connections
TW-67326 — Inconsistent responce when user tries to view the page he has not permissions to view in the Experimental UI.
TW-67042 — Agent may get stuck in a loop if build failed during start and agent failed to report this
TW-64463 — Check permissions for corresponding entity access on the backend (new UI)
TW-61188 — Unmet agent requirement is shown on the secondary node for NuGet Install build step
TW-67327 — Broken link is displayed in the slack notification if there is a < in the build configuration name
TW-66823 — Enable gzip for frontend static resources
TW-67265 — Build configuration panel overlaps project name on the bottom
TW-51253 — Confusing counter of failed builds for running composite builds.
TW-64524 — Make sure stale mercurial lock files are removed before we start hg commands in the server clone directory
TW-66354 — REST API java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Comparison method violates its general contract!
TW-67143 — Tabs controller sends incorrect URLs for edit buildtype tabs
TW-67112 — Exceptions in ReportTabs when accessing from SakuraUI
TW-66389 — [S3 Storage] Add ability to specify path prefix
TW-66437 — NPE in teamcity-rest.log when incorrect XML content is passed to REST to start the cloud instance.
TW-66734 — Fix warning message on the Versioned Settings page for a secondary node


TW-68477 — NPE in teamcity-clouds.log.
TW-68048 — java.util.ConcurrentModificationException in teamcity-server.log
TW-67513 — Unexpected error while trying to login using not configured authentication module.
TW-66922 — "Error occurred when running tool pre-processor NuGet.CommandLine" on a secondary node

Performance Problem

TW-59938 — Exclude already bundled libs from IDEA plugin
TW-68832 — Speedup SharedResourcesAgentsFilter calculation
TW-67661 — Lack of indexes for problem_id sequence slows down server startup
TW-67531 — Project overview: lazy-load build type editing options
TW-68036 — Redundant "Triggered" field request for the Build list
TW-68634 — Excessive memory usage in caffeine cache inside BuildTypeBranches objects
TW-68669 — Opening a buildQueue page causes a server slowdown
TW-68473 — Artifact uploading/downloading is slower when there is latency in network for Linux servers
TW-68635 — Possible BuildTypeImpl reference leak in CurrentProblemsManagerImpl
TW-41507 — Need a persistent cache for the first failed in/already fixed in information for tests/problems
TW-68394 — Extra Postgres DB processing overhead due to setSavepoint/releaseSavepoint calls
TW-68297 — Improve performance of login via internal users database
TW-66654 — Very slow unified diff for a commit which is no longer in repository (in case of multiple duplicate VCS roots)
TW-67910 — Slowdown in TestName2IndexImpl.getTestNames() caused hanging UI and finishing of builds
TW-66774 — Slow loading of tests via REST with empty caches for composite builds with many tests
TW-68220 — Huge memory consumption on Muted problems tab because of lack of synchronization in MutedProblemsBean
TW-68119 — Slow calculation of revisions in a big build chain ( > 120 dependencies )
TW-67955 — Loading of changes detected by another node often locks up on update of a build type modifications cache
TW-67932 — Loading changes for selected branch doesn't work
TW-66754 — Slow Page Load on Build Results after server restart
TW-61894 — Slow my branches group calculation (slow DetachedRootsChangesProvider.getChanges)
TW-67047 — Do not request mute info when calculating fixedIn/first failed in information lazyly
TW-67297 — Opening a Favorite Projects page can take a lot of time if all projects were expanded
TW-67893 — Builds cannot finish due to problems with Investigations/Mute processing on buildFinish
TW-67895 — DiskUsage::BuildData do not intern buildTypeIds - lot's of memory wasted
TW-59472 — Slow Custom Run Build dialog opening: many builds without changes
TW-67130 — Slow REST API call which computes branches in a project (branches?locator=buildType:(affectedProject:(id:<id>)),policy:ACTIVE_HISTORY_AND_ACTIVE_VCS_BRANCHES,includeGroups:true)
TW-67396 — High CPU usage in case of many reported system problems
TW-65819 — Build list loads slowly if opened on page "long enough" number from history (i.e. 100)


TW-66611 — Non-supported browser warning page
TW-66895 — New header is overlapped by project sidebar
TW-68121 — Python runner, Environment tool = Virtualenv. Mark required fields with an asterisk and add validation message if "Environment name" is empty
TW-67460 — Help icon is placed in incorrect place in Administration-&gt;Cleanup settings.
TW-67674 — Incorrect error text "Please enable JavaScript in your browser to proceed with the registration." is displayed on "Reset password" page
TW-58992 — Agents sidebar: "<Hide" button could be accidentally overlapped by element from list

Security Problem

5 security problems have been fixed.

Last modified: 11 December 2020