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TeamCity 2021.1.4 Release Notes

Build: 92954
08 October 2021


TW-72955 — Allow running Python step on any version (AnyPython agent parameter support)
TW-47419 — ECDSA and ED25519 SSH keys support


TW-73082 — Finish build triggering may be unexpected with reverse.dep.* parameters added for all dependencies
TW-73435 — IllegalArgumentException: duplicate key in BuildStatisticsMetrics.loadMetricIds
TW-73407 — SSH upload + auth method "SSH agent" do not work with OpenSSH 8.8
TW-73350 — Teamcity upgrade to 2021.1 failed.
TW-73339 — TeamCity 2021.1.x cannot connect to OpenSSH 8.8 server (Git plugin)
TW-73295 — Too many 'gitHubPasswordAuthUsageRemove' multi node events
TW-73293 — VMware plugin can provision vms in endless loop ignoring all limits
TW-72964 — agent fails to detect docker-compose installation - Failed to parse version: Docker Compose version v2.0.0-rc.2
TW-73039 — IllegalStateException error can happen in case when build attempts to publish two files under the same paths
TW-73021 — Build queue pausing/resuming may not be saved on the multi-node setup with different OSs
TW-73003 — Perforce checkout on agent always runs p4 trust, even for non-SSL connections
TW-60688 — A system problem reported by Commit Status Publisher is not cleared after the build feature is either deleted or disabled in the configuration
TW-72812 — TeamCity agent does not detect .NET some configuration properties like MSBuildTools2.0_x86_Path under Windows XP
TW-70290 — Select test with several invocations selects only first invocation
TW-72631 — Agents screen: redirect loop after the network connection was lost
TW-53615 — TeamCity can't import SSH private keys saved in the new (non-PEM) OpenSSH format


TW-73371 — Lets encrypt certificate always error! is urgent
TW-72947 — ClassNotFoundException in teamcity-server.log
TW-36123 — Code Coverage fails with EOFException

Performance Problem

TW-73208 — Lots of memory used by VcsConnectionStatusHolder instances if reported VCS error is large and VCS root affects many configurations
TW-73004 — Repeating usage of getCheckoutPropertiesHash in LinearRevisionCalculator


TW-73054 — Update git and perforce in agents` Linux images

Security Problem

1 security problem has been fixed.

Last modified: 29 November 2021