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TeamCity 2021.2 Release Notes

Build: 99542
25 October 2021


TW-28423 — Support reporting build status to Perforce Swarm
TW-53318 — Kotlin DSL for charts is missing
TW-73115 — Support access token authorization option for Bitbucket Server in the Pull Requests plugin DSL extension
TW-12514 — Add support for avatar
TW-46634 — Implement Multi Factor Authentication
TW-36329 — Do not trigger per-checkin builds for all the merged changes in case of DVCS
TW-73305 — Allow to authenticate with Access Tokens in IDEA plugin
TW-41783 — Ability to match dependencies by prefix or suffix in their id in reverse.dep. parameters
TW-68899 — Impossible to pause or resume build queue on the secondary node.
TW-73278 — Allow to create projects, build configuration and VCS root using Space connection
TW-64956 — Allow authenticating through Space
TW-68494 — Authentication via Azure DevOps
TW-72197 — C# script runner
TW-72735 — Extend "Run custom build" dialog to allow triggering of personal builds based on Perforce shelved changelists
TW-11406 — Support builds triggering for Perforce shelved changelists
TW-39618 — Allow to obtain P4 variables for different VCS Roots after checkout on agent
TW-36751 — Use perforce automatic labels
TW-69739 — Single change page in new UI
TW-73376 — [S3 Plugin] Check artifacts integrity on upload
TW-64968 — Add possibility to show failed tests from the dependencies on the build overview page
TW-73079 — TeamCity-Api-JS: add ServiceMessage typings
TW-73238 — Update git, NET, JDK, mercurial in docker images
TW-73067 — Add a boolean field 'Run tests in a single session' for dotnet test and vstest commands
TW-73374 — Use .NET 6 with C# script runner
TW-73221 — Simplify uploading custom jacoco versions
TW-72620 — Support GIT_TRACE=1 when running git commands
TW-73110 — Provide grace period for registered users without 2FA configured when two-factor authentication mode is set to mandatory.
TW-73078 — Expose AlertService in ReactUI
TW-73133 — Edit and remove agent pool UI
TW-73284 — Add hashes to avatar URLs returned by REST
TW-73283 — Allow admins to set or delete user's avatar
TW-71044 — Provide dedicated Kotlin DSL for ReSharper inspections/duplicates
TW-66277 — BuildFeature Kotlin DSL for JetBrains.SharedResources feature
TW-72774 — Perforce Shelve Trigger. Add support for additional custom parameters for builds started via trigger
TW-72770 — Support nuget version ranges
TW-53284 — Access denied when accessing an URL from Kotlin DSL project
TW-72846 — Make version configurable
TW-60774 — Add 'change from snapshot dependencies' icon to the change line
TW-72303 — C# script: auto-detect .csx files in a repository
TW-63700 — New UI: use new changes list on build configuration Pending Changes tab
TW-72612 — API for searching messages in reverse order in the build log doesn't work as expected
TW-64679 — Grouping and sorting agents on the All agents tab
TW-70339 — Free disk space requirement should use "git clean" before removing the entire checkout directory

Usability Problem

TW-73118 — Provide a warning if a user tries to disable 2fa when Two-factor authentication mode is set to mandatory on the server.
TW-72142 — While using TOKEN I am getting CSRF errors when trying to do REST API POST commands
TW-73251 — Append custom CSP to the default one instead of overriding it
TW-72801 — PowerShell on ARM64
TW-73579 — Can't save global settings if one of the artifacts directories is mounted in read only mode even though no changes are made to the artifacts directories
TW-73258 — Consider changing title in the browser tab on Single change page
TW-73084 — Show tools usages should sort the list of build configurations
TW-71548 — Modify server health report that is displayed when artifacts cannot be cleaned up by plugin.
TW-73250 — Add copy revision icon to the Single change page
TW-72781 — Inverse default order by duration on the new build Tests tab
TW-73176 — Single change page. "Author" does not show full Teamcity/VCS username information
TW-73106 — Single change page: not obvious how to find "it's me!" link for unknown VCS user
TW-73214 — Single change page: always two-lines build presentation
TW-65578 — Make "show/hide sidebar" button more visible
TW-57643 — Shortcut to easily "Copy" the name of a failed test to Clipboard
TW-69661 — Build Status text colors are hard to distinguish for people with impaired color perception
TW-71443 — Add a way to see more than 5 child elements for grouped tests on build overview page
TW-73146 — Sakura: I can't select a test name
TW-64101 — Allow to show more failed tests on the build summary page without resorting to Show all
TW-72881 — Confusing Build Queue Message: Build with Shared Resource read lock waiting on build with read lock.
TW-72669 — Move the External Changes button for the new UI
TW-71654 — Expanded build: Stacktrace No stacktrace confusing message
TW-72828 — Python runner DSL unclear error if command is not specified
TW-68383 — Build log search: add Previous result button for jumping to the previous occurrence in log
TW-64360 — it's not obvious that I need to configure favorites in the sidebar if I want to add some projects to the <Projects> dashboard
TW-72561 — Open "How to connect to the Jetbrains Space?" in a new tab
TW-72541 — Add a Copy URL button for the JetBrains Space Connection hint
TW-66770 — Investigation information missing on Sakura project home
TW-72459 — Display build data as a table
TW-69879 — Use different presentations for hierarchy and archived projects for the agent pool.
TW-72096 — Some popups are rendered one over another and overlap each other
TW-62981 — No way to edit tags quickly in the new build page
TW-72255 — Show errors in the experimental UI in a more user-friendly form


TW-72824 — Hanging SlackWebApiImpl.request leads to exhausted HTTP thread pool
TW-60864 — Support personal access tokens for Bitbucket Server in Pull Requests plugin
TW-73680 — User's tokens don't work after upgrading to 2021.2 version
TW-73693 — The secondary node can't reload a template or VCS root moved from one project to another
TW-73640 — New UI: archived build type page stays in endless loading state
TW-73676 — Planned agent is shown incorrectly in TC Cloud UI after upgrading to TC 2021.2
TW-73658 — User without "View user profile" permission (project developer) cannot see TC usernames in changes
TW-73679 — Build problems section doesn't show the loader during the expanding
TW-64009 — Incomplete estimates details are shown on the new UI queued build page
TW-73552 — Display error when TeamCity tries to obtain the list of repositories with incorrect URL to Space configured.
TW-72283 — Commit Status Publisher: in BitBucket 7.4+ PR status may not show up in PR details if build was running on a PR ref
TW-69017 — Build logs not backed up on Linux server if artifact directory path contains a backslash
TW-73593 — Two-Factor Authentication page is available when two factors autorization is disabled on the server.
TW-73100 — Obsolete revision can be taken by a build if it's configuration was not available while changes affecting it were detected
TW-60938 — Incorrect revision can be taken by a build in a branch if the branch was moved to a commit which was detected in the same VCS root before the builds' build configuration was created
TW-73071 — Showing composite build parameters from in the UI
TW-73452 — Changes list is not filtered by user name after clicking on user avatar
TW-72635 — Snapshot dependencies chart. Bar text is broken with a long text
TW-73599 — Sibling sub projects popup does not show any projects
TW-73450 — Inefficient column widths on the Single change page
TW-73542 — ConcurrentModificationException on attempt to open a tests tab
TW-67322 — Provide better DSL for Ruby environment configurator build feature
TW-73581 — 'Failed to determine newly failed tests in build: BuildPromotion' error on server start
TW-73017 — Docker jetbrains/teamcity-server has infinite recursion in gitconfig
TW-72583 — Error java.util.UnknownFormatConversionException: Conversion = 'D' in ReactUIRouteAccessibilityResponse
TW-65124 — Lots of DefaultDispatcher-worker-N threads in server thread dump
TW-72308 — C# Script: log exact csharp tool version in the log
TW-72368 — Provide ability to open changes list in dependent build from changes tab of current build.
TW-72746 — Emoji in commit messages aren't shown in the experimental UI
TW-73561 — Buttons "Show only All/failed/successful/queued builds" do not work in Classic UI
TW-72447 — 'Change from snapshot dependencies' icon has no information about build configuration and build number
TW-70688 — Avoid logging No mapping found for HTTP request with warnings in teamcity-server.log
TW-72790 — Properly support SemVer 2.0 sorting on the Tools page
TW-73263 — When a build is removed from build queue due to optimization or manually by user, a corresponding comment should be added to Perforce Swarm Review
TW-73476 — No user name is shown on hover user's avatar, if there are changes from one user
TW-73530 — Endless loading on the build configuration page in the classic UI
TW-73109 — Incorrect response when empty password is entered in Two-Factor Authentication form.
TW-72991 — Confusing warning on clean-up page when there were failures during cleaning-up artifacts from s3
TW-71394 — Do not display hints for hidden settings.
TW-70081 — SQL deadlock when cleanup is starting at the same time that a large amount of builds are being triggered by schedule
TW-73393 — Warning in teamcity-server.log from Single change page: Unknown route parameter :changeId. Can't check access.
TW-73503 — Incorrect handling of duplicates in test_metadata_dict leads to a missing metadata in the dictionary
TW-73443 — Add REST API handler for permission check for commit message editing
TW-73240 — Single change page may not show long files list (overlapping file names)
TW-73285 — Agent pools. Path to subprojects is displayed incorrectly when some parent project is archived.
TW-73332 — Missing DSL for Rake build step
TW-72968 — Email verification warning is not shown in the Sakura UI
TW-73257 — Provide better DSL for issue trackers
TW-73320 — Create project from Space: wrong counter of found repositories
TW-69315 — S3 Artifacts storage doesn't use Artifacts Cache
TW-73318 — Trigger's custom option "Delete all files in checkout directory before each snapshot dependency build" does not work for composite builds
TW-72560 — Rename Space auth module type
TW-73220 — Missing DSL for Xcode Project runner
TW-73216 — Support better DSL for FxCop runner
TW-73219 — Missing DSL for Simple Build Tool (Scala) runner
TW-73111 — Single change page shows wrong change for patches/remote run
TW-73401 — Long change column text overlaps with hovered avatars
TW-54307 — Builds are not reused from default branch if branch is created from a revision which is excluded by checkout rules
TW-69828 — There is no warning about a lack of permissions on the Queue page
TW-71356 — GraphQL API: support agent pool projects connection mutations
TW-73302 — Incorrect behavior of Show All N Items action
TW-68459 — JS error on the project page in the classic UI
TW-72933 — Clean-up base rules form is always editable
TW-71124 — Can't disable clean-up keep rule modification with role permission
TW-67671 — jQuery with version 1.12.1 that used at login page has four known medium vulnerabilities
TW-69540 — Promote uses upper limit revision if promoted build was built on a revision which is not reachable from the current VCS root instance
TW-73127 — Broken zip artifact can prevent download of other artifacts of a composite build
TW-61244 — Changes to the Rake runner options enabled by default are not reflected in the Kotlin DSL
TW-73321 — /Volumes/teamcity/agent/temp/globalTmp/depXXXarch_temp files can consume/leak agent disk space
TW-69877 — Adapt trends presentation for en empty build history cases
TW-70550 — Number of tests on build overview is not synchronized with list of tests
TW-54638 — S3 Storage: log a user-friendly message if there were connection problems during artifacts cleanup
TW-73200 — unset: bad argument count
TW-71360 — Missing DSL for IDEA tool version (inspections/duplicates)
TW-71680 — "Discard literals" option in absent in ReSharper dupFinder DSL
TW-73046 — Missing DSL for SSH Exec
TW-73178 — Run/Edit/Actions buttons for build configurations are absent
TW-67317 — There is no DSL for NuGet Dependency Trigger
TW-73169 — connection suggests incorrect URL for registering the application
TW-73105 — FTP upload. Incorrect DSL is generated when AuthMethod is changed.
TW-73099 — Error on commit Deployer SSH/SMB/Container steps to Versioned settings after TeamCity upgrade
TW-73085 — Perforce Shelve trigger does not work on secondary node
TW-71621 — Error while generating build config from Kotlin: jetbrains.buildServer.configs.kotlin.v2019_2.BuildFeature
TW-73047 — Missing DSL for Container Deployer
TW-73044 — Missing DSL for SSH Upload
TW-73045 — Missing DSL for SMB Upload
TW-69465 — java.lang.IllegalStateException: Bad request: no action is found for "userGroups"
TW-73033 — Do not allow to remove SSH keys used for CloudFront in S3 artifacts storage.
TW-72307 — It's possible to copy only visible part of a build log in the experimental UI
TW-72763 — Azure DevOps OAuth Connection: Handle errors that happened during project creation
TW-71092 — NuGet feed: An invalid cache entry was found for URL '...index.json' and will be replaced
TW-72872 — Build log preview and timeline are displayed with a long delay
TW-67316 — Provide better DSL for Branch Remote Run Trigger
TW-72825 — Kotlin DSL uses build feature defaults for project feature with same type
TW-72639 — Request for buildTypes with a given change does not return all of them
TW-72642 — Request for builds with a given change does not return all of them
TW-72760 — Password/access token is not extracted in case when separate VCS root is created using the Azure DevOps OAuth connection
TW-68633 — git command std error is reported to WARN category in teamcity-vcs.log on agent
TW-66896 — 'No build configurations' on Project overview takes too much space
TW-72792 — No way to publish an artifact with Cyrillic name using S3 publisher
TW-59344 — Cleanup does not clean an artifact dependency build despite "do not prevent cleanup" option in the using build configuration, if the using one has any snapshot dependency
TW-72915 — Msbuild fails with system.OutDir parameter with space and trailing backslash in path
TW-72864 — Better DSL for Azure DevOps OAuth Connection
TW-72857 — Azure DevOps OAuth connection: no validation message "Application ID must not be empty"
TW-72580 — System properties serialized incorrectly to the response file
TW-70904 — Build Overview doesn't preserve service message output formatting
TW-67638 — Build log: Selected line resets on new messages
TW-72865 — The wrong number of storage usages is shown storage details popup
TW-71556 — VCS roots from dependencies are duplicated on the Changes page in the experimental UI
TW-72693 — Project developer can see enable/disable self-hosted agent button but has no grants to do it
TW-72759 — Click on the "Reported statistic values" sub tab can lead to a double header
TW-72664 — "Show all" from pending changes popup opens changes with "All branches" filter
TW-71638 — Two line change pop-up in case of many changed files (experimental UI)
TW-72652 — Link N pending change(s) may lead not to Pending changes tab if changes were in branches with special symbols in the name (#)
TW-71936 — Download running build log link isn't aligned property (long step name)
TW-72707 — Perforce Shelved Trigger. The personal build should be triggered when keyword is added to description of changelist with shelved files.
TW-63082 — There are no information about changes, artifacts, and actions button in deployment section in the build page
TW-72628 — Secondary node doesn't pause build queue on Insufficient disk space (main node is not up)
TW-72645 — A "tool" field should be visible when a default tool version is not specified
TW-72328 — Incorrect counter is displayed on Pending changes tab when different branches contain changes.
TW-72600 — C# script: make "TeamCity C# script tool" field mandatory
TW-72374 — Display "Change in Settings" icon on Pending Changes tab in Experimental UI.
TW-72599 — Support VS 2022
TW-72441 — Authentication to TeamCity using Space account doesn't work without specifying connectionId in the list with redirect uris
TW-72448 — No 'Change from snapshot dependencies' icon for pending changes
TW-72222 — Pending changes popup shows changes in all branches instead of default one
TW-72466 — Agent is empty on running build overview
TW-62183 — Rework or clarify "white" area in the timeline presentation
TW-71723 — No DSL for workingDir in Node.JS runner
TW-71814 — No DSL for working directory in Python runner
TW-72595 — Provide better DSL for SSH agent build feature
TW-72601 — C# custom script steps hang on non-Windows agents
TW-65501 — Reordering in the sidebar doesn't work after filtering
TW-72559 — Sort available authentication modules alphabetically
TW-72458 — C# script: Warnings "Can't set executable bit: file does not exist or is not a valid file" on linux agent
TW-67321 — Provide better DSL for AssemblyInfo patcher build feature
TW-72563 — Unable to edit Space Connection if it's settings were corrupted in the xml file
TW-72504 — Failed to start builds with SSH Upload or SSH exec runners with SSH-Agent authentication method
TW-72320 — C# script: missing DSL for Contrainer Wrapper fields
TW-72535 — Error calling method BuildServerListener.beforeBuildFinish for listener org.jetbrains.teamcity.testDuration.FinishBuildListener: jetbrains.buildServer.serverSide.auth.AccessDeniedException: Cannot locate this build project
TW-72542 — Don't show hint about creation a Space application for the existing connections
TW-72454 — Fix C# position in the server tools list
TW-69827 — Build Queue: there is no "time to start" pop-up in experimenal UI
TW-72440 — Add information about application type and minimal rights for Commit Status Publisher to JetBrains Space connection
TW-72239 — Status from agent-less build step may be not reported in multi-node setup (build hangs)
TW-71773 — REST: add information about planned agent and "delayed by" for queued build
TW-72148 — Teamcity does not tag network interfaces on AWS EC2 instance creation
TW-69338 — Test history is incomplete when using Gradle test distribution
TW-72260 — Change format of a nuget reference
TW-66699 — There's missing "View in SonarQube" link on build overview page in new UI


TW-73116 — Remove unnecessary input in two-factor authentication form.
TW-73120 — Single change page shows commit author starting with a capital
TW-68009 — Build page, failed tests section: consider renaming "show all" to "show all failed"
TW-58361 — Improvements for displaying build configurations without builds
TW-66728 — Bad wording for triggered by of restarted build on build details overview page


TW-73123 — InstantiationException in teamcity-server.log

Performance Problem

TW-73624 — Inefficient implementation of RegistryAgentParamsProcessor.getPasswordParameters()
TW-73460 — Slow DSL data update in case when project has several thousands of build configurations and data directory is on a network storage
TW-72660 — Many agents requests occupy http threads in case when build messages queue becomes full
TW-45825 — Many builds in long "checking for changes" (hours), each checking the same VCS repository when VCS repository gets a bit slower
TW-73087 — Build tabs loading duration is too long
TW-73196 — Speedup TestsTab.isAvailable method
TW-71912 — Slow opening Diagnostics/Cache tab (~4 minutes)
TW-67968 — Favorite Projects page with a lot of projects can freeze during expanding all projects
TW-67910 — Slowdown in TestName2IndexImpl.getTestNames() caused hanging UI and finishing of builds
TW-64098 — Pages with many loaders take too much CPU resource
TW-67720 — It takes seconds to render builds of the selected project even though all REST API calls are fast
TW-72367 — Make sure composite build publishes upon finishing
TW-55940 — PoolableConnectionFactory#passivateObject(Object) in commons-dbcp executes unnecessary ROLLBACKs
TW-69759 — Slow agent compatible configurations tab can affect builds startup
TW-72391 — A lot of memory used by some of the agent related pages (calculation of compatibility with many build configurations)
TW-69802 — Using quick search by projects in sidebar makes the page unusable due to performance issues
TW-72194 — Move to top operation can lock build queue processing
TW-72301 — TeamCitySummaryFactory is slow because of fetching of muted tests information


TW-73617 — Update Kotlin DSL version to 2021.2
TW-69990 — Unbundle Jabber plugin
TW-73646 — 2FA: enable optional mode by default
TW-69408 — Unbundle RSS feed plugin
TW-73560 — Update bundled dotCover version to 2021.2.2
TW-73234 — Update bundled kotlin compiler version to the latest one (1.5.31)
TW-73227 — Update bundled Ant to version 1.10.11
TW-73229 — Update bundled Tomcat to the latest 8.5.x
TW-73230 — Update bundled JaCoCo version
TW-72679 — Health report about deprecating Java 1.8
TW-72641 — API for tree on a files tab of a change page similar to one on a test history page
TW-73231 — Update bundled Java to
TW-72766 — API to retrieve builds and build configurations for Deployments tab on a Change page
TW-69554 — Agent should open XML-RPC port (9090) only on local interface (drop bidirectional agent-server communication protocol)
TW-71352 — GraphQL API: support agents tree manipulation mutations
TW-73185 — Remove retina.js library
TW-72988 — Do not show "Choose node type" screen if teamcity.startup.maintenance=false
TW-73279 — Cleanup vcs_change table for old/expired commits
TW-72728 — Add to the REST information from which configuration / build the change came
TW-73073 — Remove aopalliance-1.0.jar from server distribution
TW-73075 — Update documentation page regarding supported Perforce versions
TW-72996 — Web-sockets: send the "agent pool touched" notification when the assigned project is removed
TW-72636 — ReactUI: Support tabs for Change page
TW-72832 — Ability to get failed tests tree related to a specific change
TW-72640 — API for Problems tree in a same fashion as for tests
TW-67314 — Better DSL for artifact storage settings
TW-72722 — REST API: get TestOccurrences with investigations
TW-71136 — Upgrade Kotlin used to run DSL to version 1.5
TW-68492 — Update Corretto in Docker images to 11
TW-72532 — teamcity-auth.log is full of "Successful login for user ... with auth module "HTTP-Token-Based" for session"
TW-71466 — Delete notification about TeamCity Cloud
TW-70531 — Get rid of Bintray and JCenter usages in Kotlin DSL
TW-72425 — teamcity-configs-maven-plugin pom.xml has a dependency on maven-core:3.0.5 that is deprecated
TW-66056 — Remove old cleanup rules controller and related UI classes

Security Problem

5 security problems have been fixed.

Last modified: 18 May 2023