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TeamCity 2022.04.2 Release Notes

Build: 108502

13 July 2022

Usability Problem

TW-74924 — s3 migration tool. provide notification when there is nothing to delete from source.


TW-73117 — Single change page: impossible to select Build configuration for changed files

TW-76205 — Missing failed tests section on overview of a personal build

TW-76493 — Duplicated .NET test invocations after adding Parallel tests build feature

TW-75146 — GitLab commit status publisher doesn’t distinguish build configurations with same name from different projects.

TW-74061 — C# script runner build is green when C# script tool could not start

TW-76652 — teamcity.commitStatusPublisher.githubContext no longer works in TeamCity 2022.4.1

TW-76007 — Perforce Shelve Trigger: Java Heap Space while processing a big changelist

TW-76683 — Perforce mismatched streams after updating sources is interrupted

TW-73701 — Secondary node may never load new projects or build configurations if it detects a certain critical error

TW-76545 — Composite build does not update artifact dependency references in case when one of its dependencies was restarted

TW-76663 — Secondary node can't connect to the database if SQL server cluster is specified in JDBC URL

TW-76409 — Filter changes by Users = "Me" does not work for Pending and built changes in Experimental UI

TW-76730 — ConcurrentModificationException while reloading project configuration files from disk

TW-76445 — Nessus reports some of the libraries as having dependency on 1.2.17 log4j

TW-75977 — .NET parallel tests: all tests start in each virtual build configuration with msbuild command

TW-76661 — Race condition in build number resolving

TW-75593 — Teamcity: point on mute sign: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'id')

TW-76687 — Empty build log for some builds due to incorrect offsets recorded into the build log index file

TW-76228 — Parallel tests fail in part of batches with .NET and NUnit

TW-76039 — Test trees are merged incorrectly for a single change

TW-76598 — ERROR RewritePolicy contains an invalid element or attribute "ColorizeRewritePolicy" when running maintainDB

TW-76632 — Critical error with a TemplateCannotBeRemovedException can appear on a secondary node after some changes made to a project

TW-61477 — EC2 Launch template. display correct template version in Edit Image dialog.

TW-76375 — A user with limited permissions unable to open cloud profile settings from the cloud agent page

TW-76499 — Access to SVN VCS with SSH Keys Broken after upgrade to 2022.04.1

TW-76451 — Parallel testing creates invalid excludedTests.txt file, failing the build.

TW-76448 — Build log 'scroll to top' and 'scroll to bottom' buttons do not work

TW-63851 — Stopping cloud agents "Force stop" link shown in two lines

TW-76429 — System properties and env variables look editable for a user without Customize build parameters permission

TW-76249 — User accounts created via the REST API cannot login

TW-72457 — Bad new UI in case of compilation problems

TW-76424 — Allow 'test mute' in parallelized build types

TW-74642 — Change page, experimental UI: blinking when "Hide successfully finished and not triggered configurations"

TW-71296 — Free Disk Space feature checks space on checkout dir disk only after checkout if the checkout dir is on a different file system than agent system dir

TW-76282 — <filter branches> box in the Branch Filter magic wand pop-up doesn't filter the branches

TW-76244 — S3 migration tool. NPE can be thrown if project or subproject uses Google Storage to store artifacts.

Performance Problem

TW-76639 — Service Messages performance regression with gradle-runner plugin

TW-76366 — Slow artifact upload during the build using the publishArtifacts servicemessage

TW-75327 — Changes page: change tabs lack of loading feedback and unresponsive with many builds/tests/configurations

TW-76596 — perforceShelve Trigger checking too aggressively

TW-76083 — slow versionedSettings token page loading

TW-76712 — Obsolete 'buildChainChangesCollecting' multi node tasks can pile up in the database

TW-76397 — Changes collection can become really slow if a VCS root includes tags

TW-76403 — Copy project operation interlocks with UserSummaryRemoteManager2.getGZippedSummary (invalidateProjectMutesCache)


TW-75670 — .NET split tests: add information in a build log about Microsoft.NET.Test.Sdk requirement

TW-76476 — C# script tool: copyright holder should be JetBrains

Last modified: 10 August 2022