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TeamCity 2022.04.3 Release Notes

Build: 108706

10 August 2022


TW-75796 — P4 is unable to establish "trust" after a certificate update


TW-76324 — With the new "Parallel Tests"-Feature always one build is failing (the first) with message: Cannot run process (file not found): C:\Program Files\dotnet\dotnet.exe

TW-76002 — Use successful batches when running a new build with Parallel Tests feature on a previously built revision

TW-75686 — Builds with "Parallel tests execution" build feature are not being reused

TW-76853 — Re-run parallel tests with "rebuild all failed builds" rebuilds successful builds

TW-77084 — Change of the project id via Bulk edit IDs dialog leaves duplicate files in the repository

TW-76993 — TeamCity Gitlab Commit Status Publisher Sometimes Sends Messages Out of Order

TW-76626 — Commit status is not published when build is started

TW-77058 — scripts throwing exceptions

TW-76545 — Composite build does not update artifact dependency references in case when one of its dependencies was restarted

TW-76304 — Search result wtih builds with no access

TW-76837 — Failed to copy JDBC drivers when doing a refresh drivers during initial setup

TW-77046 — Uncaught ADE when retrieving build type of the build promotion

TW-76258 — Commit Status Publisher may be sending too many requests to GitHub (and possibly other VCS hostings)

TW-76770 — teamcity.commitStatusPublisher.githubContext incorrectly resolves build.number parameter

TW-76338 — Duplication of the commit status on GitHub

TW-76570 — Commit Status Publisher may send excessive status updates for builds in build chains

TW-76753 — Bad alignment on the Changes page in the Classic UI (Author field)

TW-76574 — Commit status publisher for Perforce Swarm posts to all reviews when a build triggers without Shelve/Personal build

TW-76899 — Non daemon thread started by the search plugin prevents proper server shutdown

TW-76799 — "_Project" added to Projects IDs after upgrading from 2020.2 to 2022.04

TW-76738 — Perforce Shelve trigger skips some new changelists, if there are hundreds of them

TW-76812 — Re-run does not respect selected artifact dependency build

TW-74015 — "Select a build configuration" popup on Single change page may be misplaced

TW-76735 — Perforce Shelve trigger triggers later changelists first

TW-76679 — perforce client cleanup errors on large stdout

TW-76381 — Parallel test error Stack overflow

Performance Problem

TW-67910 — Slowdown in TestName2IndexImpl.getTestNames() caused hanging UI and finishing of builds

TW-73168 — Single change page does not respond/hangs when loading builds/problems

TW-76512 — More than expected CPU usage possibly because of BuildPTRIndexer threads

TW-76517 — CommitStatusPublisherListener.lambda$initModificationsProcessing does not finish within 14 hours

TW-76802 — Slow BuildQueuePriorityOrdering.addBuilds in case of a large build queue


TW-76053 — Build approval: collect changes as soon as the build is enqueued

Last modified: 04 April 2024