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TeamCity 2022.04.5 Release Notes

Build: 108886

8 June 2023


TW-77589 — Broken health report in the latest Safari (16.0)

TW-77698 — Clicking link "split of tests for parallel execution" in a Template causes an error.

TW-75820 — Parallel tests: do not export generated projects/configurations

TW-78096 — TeamCity 2022.4.4 crashes on startup due to wrong handling of env variable in teamcity-internal.bat

TW-78690 — Avoid removing data from build_project table in parallel

TW-77621 — Perforce workspace cannot be deleted, failing a build

TW-77167 — Changes in REST API - count:-1 not supported

Performance Problem

TW-80963 — Build status recalculation queue can become overflown if many builds are finishing in the same configuration

TW-76292 — Slow LinearRevisionCalculator.findLatestRevisionAffectingBuildType delays finish build trigger and checking for changes

TW-78186 — Too much memory used by SyncTask thread in the CustomDataStorageManager

TW-78161 — Slow handling of test mutes when build is finishing probably because of too broad scope of analyzed projects and inefficient locking

TW-77257 — Significant performance degradation of calls for builds with non default branch

Security Problems

Fixed 1 security problem.

Last modified: 21 May 2024