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TeamCity 2022.10.1 Release Notes

Build: 116934

1 December 2022


TW-75758 — Build approval: add a health report about incorrectly configured approval rules

TW-78345 — Add a possibility to escape special charecters in dotnet msbuild ... command's parameters passed via system property

TW-77877 — Missing 'Copy to clipboard' action for agent IP address


TW-78243 — Log in to TeamCity may not work if HTTPS was disabled on the server

TW-78773 — Update of the running builds state is blocked because of the thread which cannot send log messages to another node

TW-78718 — Empty .NET coverage report for dotnet msbuild command in Container Wrapper

TW-52354 — [Kubernetes Plugin] Cloud instance has gone (is not reported by cloud profile) for instances started by K8S plugin

TW-78241 — TeamCity Commit Status Publisher failed with GitHub fine-grained token

TW-78578 — New NUnit console runner 3.16 support

TW-78170 — Maven runner: info-maven-plugin fails if user pom contains teamcity maven plugin repository

TW-78699 — Cross-platform .NET code coverage fails with "Unable to start profiling. PDB server wasn't started"

TW-78177 — AWS Connection autogenerated DSL contains excess param awsConnectionId

TW-78276 — Rebuild of all dependencies does not work if a build chain is triggered on the secondary node

TW-78351 — Kotlin DSL fails to generate/get DSL dependencies since upgrading to 2022.10

TW-78567 — BuildFailureCheckerFactoryImpl.logInvalidCondition causes NullPointerException error and prevents starting of a build

TW-77969 — Remote Run always fails with "Failed to update summary: Read timed out"

TW-78410 — FXCop plugin doesn't report FxCopRoot and FxCopCmdFileVersion parameters after upgrade to 2022.10

TW-78746 — Exception in BuildStarter.selectNode: java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index 2 out of bounds for length 2

TW-78143 — Build configurations counter on Agent's Compatible configurations tab includes composite builds

TW-75507 — Custom ssl certificate support for native git on server

TW-78511 — Build step execution condition: "does not equal" does not allow empty value to be specified

TW-78273 — HTTPS settings: a better handling of uploaded keys

TW-69692 — Click on removed agent on build overview - page "Cloud image does not exist"

TW-78301 — EC2 Cloud Agent does not get correct security group(s) from cloud profile settings since upgrade to 2022.10

TW-72324 — Pending changes tab is not updated depending on the pending changes quantity.

TW-78244 — Add links to the documentation for AWS Connection and AWS Credentials

TW-72603 — ModificationStateCalculatorImpl$1: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot find a node: 52284612

TW-76422 — AWS Connection: improve warnings about failures during test connection

TW-78339 — AWS Connection: "Default Credentials Provider Chain" type doesn't work if the credentials are in .aws/credentials file

TW-78690 — Avoid removing data from build_project table in parallel

TW-78698 — Schedule trigger with "Enforce Clean checkout" and "apply to all snapshot dependencies" doesn't rebuild dependencies

TW-78421 — .NET code coverage fails with "TargetExecutable: file does not exist:"

TW-78689 — Fix hashCode contract for DSL classes

TW-78169 — Extra cloud instance startup (race condition during agent registration and flushQueue)

TW-78037 — VCS URL for Space on-premise is incorrect

TW-78555 — jetbrains.buildServer.configs.kotlin.CustomChart.PatternSeries uses wrong type

TW-75820 — Parallel tests: do not export generated projects/configurations

TW-76509 — Lots of stacktraces logged by CurrentStateCache: Cannot parse Git URI-ish: The uri was empty or null

TW-78530 — Duplicate builds are created in the build queue by the finish build trigger

TW-78255 — Provide unique names for ElasticSearch templates

TW-78622 — Create project from URL page displays required DSL context parameters in random order

TW-78579 — New tests run in all batches despite of clicking "Reset parallel tests batches" until the splitLifeTime timeout is over

TW-78378 — Disallow creating multiple instances of AWS Credentials build feature on a single build configuration

TW-78595 — Agent lists do not update after reassigning agents in Sakura UI

TW-77698 — Clicking link "split of tests for parallel execution" in a Template causes an error.

TW-78137 — Build configurations counter on Agent's Compatible Configurations tab includes parallel test batches

TW-78506 — Do not change tests split batches on new VCS changes, if splitLifeTime was explicitly overridden

TW-78529 — Unclear Parameter-based build step execution condition type purpose

TW-65519 — Exception on attempt to disable and than enable commit status publisher plugin

TW-77568 — No modified parameters in failed build if it was stopped by failure condition

TW-77472 — Build approval: immediately fail build if approval rules are incorrect

TW-77284 — AWS Connection: don't show Session duration for connections without session credentials

TW-71281 — Display cloud image in the Agents tree for users without "View cloud images and instances" permission.

TW-78484 — Schedule trigger health report may fail to show multiple triggers at once if they have identical IDs

TW-78299 — Error "java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Class 'javax.activation.DataSource' was not found" in attempt to checkout TFS repo on agent

TW-74367 — User with limited permissions cannot see cloud images in the available agent pools in Experimental UI.

TW-78319 — Inconsistency between maximum allowed character in Shared Resource names

TW-78093 — No link "Connect via SSM" on the secondary node

TW-77805 — Improve logs for Artifact migration utility

TW-77427 — Strange directory logged to teamcity-agent.log when resolving artifacts dependencies

TW-77966 — AWS Connection build feature - display specified parameters in features list

TW-78128 — IDEA Inspections warnings in build log for IDEA 2022.2.3

TW-78016 — "View as code" shows full code from template instead of specific job configuration

TW-78081 — "Cannot find modification in TeamCity database" in the build log of a build even though the commit exists in the database

TW-77098 — 'Invalid package' error when trying to upload ReSharper Command Line tools from the official website

TW-78038 — Artifacts size failure condition is unclear: "Artifacts size 2.1 GB is 2% different from 2.1 GB"

Performance Problem

TW-76122 — Endless loop on attempt to create a flow aware index file for a build log

TW-78161 — Slow handling of test mutes when build is finishing probably because of too broad scope of analyzed projects and inefficient locking

TW-78476 — Flow-aware index creation uses significant amount of disk resources

TW-78429 — Several queries for artifact dependencies contain unnecessary wide filters

TW-78574 — Unnecessary events are generated for recoverable VCS errors

TW-67312 — Artifacts storage admin tab is slow

TW-78186 — Too much memory used by SyncTask thread in the CustomDataStorageManager


TW-76971 — Support agent type entity instead of cloud image

TW-77651 — Add DSL snippets for VCS Hostings and Issue Trackers

TW-78532 — Add more DSL examples to Pull Requests build feature

TW-78159 — IntelliJ Plugin: convert AbstractTreeBuilder to the new API

TW-78438 — "Test Connection" option in AWS Connection may show more information about what it does under the hood

TW-78440 — AWS Credentials - make build log messages more verbose

TW-77764 — Release teamcity-messages python package new version 1.32 to PyPI

TW-77975 — Add / Update runner icons (Pack #2)

TW-78280 — Inject parameters into agent before the agentStarted event

TW-77076 — Agents' screen: build the agents tree based on agent types


1 security problem has been fixed.

Last modified: 18 May 2023