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TeamCity 2022.10.2 Release Notes

Build: 117025

3 February 2023


TW-61888 — Support the config param teamcity.agent.dotCover.log in .net CLI runner for dotCover log file like for other .net runners

TW-78722 — Personal build's shelvedChangelist parameter is inaccessible in templated build steps


TW-77893 — Commit Status publisher posting status/links to parent project instead of build

TW-78710 — Updating the "HTTPS Redirect" setting can lead to updating the Server URL with incorrect IP/dns

TW-78250 — Passwords and tokens starting with a hyphen do not work for a git VCS root authentication

TW-79513 — VCS labels aren't displayed on Changes page

TW-79411 — Update Perforce Packages @ TeamCity Docker Images

TW-76085 — add internal retry for git fetch if branch is no longer in the remote

TW-56868 — ClientProtocolException Occuring in Commit Status Publisher when the repository was renamed

TW-78582 — Build status for Bitbucket Server / Data Center does not contain build number even for started/failed/succeeded statuses

TW-77282 — Changing DSL Context Parameter in one project causes Versioned Settings to reload for other projects using the same VCS root for settings

TW-79097 — Promote personal build applies patch to the most recent revision

TW-78849 — Allow disabling Sakura UI banner on a per-user basis

TW-77536 — Large database size because of large custom_data_body table in case of PostgreSQL

TW-79412 — Update Git version @ TeamCity Docker Images

TW-79083 — Can't open the custom/plugin tab on the Build Configuration level if the brach is selected in the branch selector

TW-77644 — Click on a checkbox near the test name shifts the page to the top

TW-77790 — JS error on Agents page

TW-79175 — [S3 Storage] S3 artifact storage hanging/timing out with large artifacts after upgrade to 2022.10

TW-78858 — Lots of logs "Failed to find agent type for agent ..." in teamcity-server.log after removal of a non cloud agent

TW-78959 — Secondary node agents page does not show newly registered non cloud agents

TW-78759 — HTTPS Settings. Long string in certificate data breaks the table

TW-78680 — Slack Notifier doesn't send changes from snapshot dependencies

TW-79298 — Troubles when creating AWS Credentials on cn-north-1 AWS China

TW-77542 — new branches not visible and high memory usage till GC stops working

TW-63306 — Provide a way to skip bad p4 changelists (jetbrains.buildServer.vcs.VcsException: Perforce problem: No Translation for parameter 'data' value)

TW-78151 — Build failure condition may be calculated incorrectly at the end of the build

TW-78594 — Patches are upload according to default stream and not building stream with remapping

TW-79025 — Build with refreshable token can fail with error "could not read Password for repo"

TW-69577 — Perforce Jobs details are not shown in new Changes tab in Sakura UI

TW-76826 — Clicking fast on View as Code/Edit in UI button makes UI disappear

TW-77276 — No clear UI notification that I can't authorize an agent due to license count

TW-78919 — Perforce Shelve trigger does not work on secondary node

TW-78890 — TeamCity S3 Storage requires excessive GetAccelerateConfiguration permission

TW-78661 — Clicking on the build status on the Dependencies -> List tab resets filters before redirect

TW-77300 — Test History: Information about new builds is not displayed without reloading of the page

TW-78412 — TeamCity ignores AWS errors about exhausted spot capacity for cloud image

TW-78787 — Huge build log processing in build failure condition on text prevents build from interrupting/stopping

TW-78856 — STS Client doesn't respect TC Proxy settings (teamcity.http.proxy.*.aws)

TW-78610 — ECS agent plugin spawns more instances than configuration permitts

TW-78458 — Usage of branch:(policy:XXXX) locator dimensions causes HTTP 400

Performance Problem

TW-76292 — Slow LinearRevisionCalculator.findLatestRevisionAffectingBuildType delays finish build trigger and checking for changes

TW-79024 — Expensive requests for all branches on test history page

TW-79247 — Slow loading of data from vcs_change_attrs table on Oracle database


6 security problems have been fixed.

Last modified: 03 February 2023